Cake Build addin used to lock dependency versions within NuGet packages
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Are you using the new dotnet pack tooling to create your NuGet packages and are frustrated that there is no way to specify that child packages of our main project should be locked to the version that's being built? Not having version pinning creates user frustration when using bait & switch style libaries and is it's own special type of hell for maintainers to support. This Cake addin unzips the specified NuGet package and searches of the supplied dependency and locks the version.


Add the following reference to your cake build script:

#addin "Cake.PinNuGetDependency"


var filePath = new FilePath(@"./artifacts/reactiveui-xamforms-8.0.0.nupkg");
PinNuGetDependency(filePath, "reactiveui");

Which does the following

  • Opens reactiveui-xamforms-8.0.0.nupkg in memory
  • Extracts the nuspec definition and modifies the dependency version of reactiveui to be $"[{$version}]"
  • Saves contents of memory to reactiveui-xamforms-8.0.0.nupkg