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license Open Source Helpers

Cake.Transifex is a addin for the Cake Build script adding support for working with the localization service Transifex. This addin requires that the transifex client is already installed and is available as tx.


To install the transifex client, install python, then run pip install transifex-client, or using the chocolatey package choco install transifex-client --version 0.12.4 (version can be omitted when package have been approved).

Stable Pre-release
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NuGet NuGet NuGet Pre Release

Where to get the addin

Officially published versions are available on NuGet. Development versions is available at the following nuget api endpoint:


The following aliases is available from the cake build script:

  • TransifexInit -> Initialize a simple configuration file in the repository
  • TransifexStatus -> Get the status of the current translations in the local repository.
  • TransifexPush -> Push translations to the remote transifex server (Optionally also the source file)
  • TransifexPull -> Pull monitored translations from the remote transifex server

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Quick Links

Chat Room

Come join in the conversation about Cake.Transifex in our Gitter Chat Room

Join the chat at

Building Cake.Transifex

1. Building on Windows

The following are needed to build Cake.Transifex on Windows

  • .NET Core 2.0
  • .NET 4.6
  • Visual Studio 2017

Open up a powershell window and call .\build.ps1, this should build the projects, run the unit tests and create nuget packages in the .\BuildArtifacts\Packages\NuGet directory.

2. Building on Linux or OSX

  • .NET Core 1.0.5 and 2.0
  • Mono (uncertain of which version, and it may fail on some systems)

Open up the terminal and call sh, this should build the projects, run the unit tests and create nuget packages in the ./artifacts/v{version}/nuget directory. NOTE: By default we do not enable building of .NET Full on Linux and OSX, to also build .NET Full pass --with-netfull when calling sh