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Name Maintainer
Cake.Issues.Website pascalberger

Work in Progress

Name Maintainer Maintainer contacted
Cake.Dapper RLittlesII No
Cake.DotEnv.Module phillipsj No
Cake.DotNetCore.Tools.AWS.Lambda JonCubed No
Cake.Electron phillipsj No
Cake.EventLog agc93 No
Cake.GitHub RichiCoder1 No
Cake.IISAdministration wk-j No
Cake.IISExpress jrnail23 No
Cake.ImageMagick MihaMarkic No
Cake.Markdownlint pascalberger No
Cake.MSBuild15 phillipsj No
Cake.MSDTC RagingKore No
Cake.Node phillipsj No
Cake.Npm.Module gep13 Yes
Cake.OpenVsixSignTool mihamarkic No
Cake.Packer agc93 No
Cake.Prca.Issues.Stylelint bbtsoftwareag Yes
Cake.Prca.Issues.TSLint bbtsoftwareag Yes
Cake.Process jrnail23 No
Cake.RestSharp BudSystemLimited No
Cake.SalesForce wharri220 No
Cake.ServiceFabric mholo65 No
Cake.SevenZip airbreather No
Cake.SignClient mihamarkic No
Cake.Skype phillipsj No
Cake.Streaming RichiCoder1 No
Cake.Svn ddevening No
Cake.TestFairy hitek123 No
Cake.VstsReleaseTools fleed Yes

Needs investigation

Name Maintainer Maintainer contacted
ArchitectNow.Cake ArchitectNow No
AutoCake.Build tmorgner Yes
AutoCake.Release tmorgner Yes
AutoCake.TaskAliases tmorgner Yes
Cake.CD ObjectivityLtd Yes
Cake.CK.Pack olivier-spinelli Yes
Cake.Deploy.Variables ObjectivityLtd No
Cake.Deploy.Azure.Authentication ObjectivityLtd No
Cake.Deploy.Azure.Management.WebSites ObjectivityLtd No
Cake.Deploy.Azure.ResourceManager ObjectivityLtd No
Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS ObjectivityLtd No
Cake.DummyAddin nlowe-hyland No
Cake.LittleHelpers lowcase No
Cake.Storm.Android Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Environment Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Fluent Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Fluent.Android Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Fluent.DotNetCore Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Fluent.iOS Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Fluent.NuGet Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Fluent.Transformations Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.iOS Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.JsonBuildConfiguration Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Storm.Nuget Julien-Mialon No
Cake.Tin marcosnz Yes
Cake.Umbraco.PackageUploader ObjectivityLtd No
Cake.Xamarin.Binding.Util Xamarin No
CakeApp secana Yes
Code.Cake olivier-spinelli No
RAC.Cake.Npm RACDigitalDevOps Yes
SimpleGitVersion.Cake olivier-spinelli No
ScriptCs.Cake redth Yes


Name Maintainer cake-contrib user added on Replaced By
Cake.Extensions wwwlicious Yes Cake.Incubator
Cake.Issues.Reporting.Html pascalberger Yes Cake.Issues.Reporting.Generic
Cake.Intellisense tpodolak Yes This project was a temporary solution for enabling IntelliSense support for Cake scripts. As the official support made its way to the OmniSharp repository, there is no point in keeping this code alive anymore.
Cake.Prca.Issues.DocFx bbtsoftwareag Yes Cake.Issues.DocFx
Cake.Prca.Issues.ESLint bbtsoftwareag Yes Cake.Issues.ESLint
Cake.Prca.Issues.InspectCode bbtsoftwareag Yes Cake.Issues.InspectCode
Cake.Prca.Issues.Markdownlint bbtsoftwareag Yes Cake.Issues.InspectCode
Cake.Prca.Issues.MsBuild bbtsoftwareag Yes Cake.Issues.Markdownlint
Cake.Prca.PullRequests.Tfs bbtsoftwareag Yes Cake.Issues.MsBuild
Cake.Prca bbtsoftwareag Yes Cake.Issues, Cake.Issues.PullRequests
Cake.SemVer.FromAssembly wallymathieu Yes Cake.SynVer
Cake.SemVer.FromBinary wallymathieu Yes Cake.SynVer
Cake.Unity patrik Yes Cake.Unity3D
SemVer.FromAssembly wallymathieu Yes Cake.SynVer