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Heroku buildpack for pdftk on cedar-14 & script to re-compile for newer versions.
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Custom buildpack that will install pdftk into /app/bin on Heroku. Supports cedar-14 and heroku-16.

How to use

  1. Add this buildpack to your app.
  2. Use /app/bin/pdftk. BTW, the default cedar-14 PATH includes /app/bin, so this might happen automatically.

How to upgrade PDFTK

Update the tarball_url line in scripts/

heroku create

heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=

git push heroku master

Now you'll have a new Heroku app on the default stack (currently cedar-14) that runs the scrupts/ script in this buildpack. That script will download the most recent PDFTK source and configure it with default options.

Use heroku logs -t to see when compilation is done. It'll start showing dots..

heroku open

  1. Download the generated
  2. Chmod +x them
  3. put them into bin/$STACK/ into this buildpack. $STACK shall be the name of your stack as given in the Heroku $STACK variable.

heroku ps:scale web=0 to turn off the dyno.

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