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PassCheck is a Javascript library used to check the strength of passwords.

The checking function analyzes a password and outputs the results of that analysis which include:

  • Lowercase letters
  • Uppercase letters
  • Numerals
  • Special characters
  • Length
  • Commonality (whether the password appears in the top 1000 password list)



PassCheck.check(String) will check a string password. This will throw an error if the input is not a string.

The return value will be an object in this format:

  lower: 10,
  upper: 0,
  num: 0,
  special: 2,
  length: 12,
  common: false

Each of the lower, upper, num, special properties shows how many characters in the password are of each type. The length property shows the length of the password. The common property is a boolean which will show whether or not the password entered is within the top 1000 password list, which contains over 90% of all entered passwords.