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Api Generator

⚠️ This project is now unmaintained. I recommend using ApiGen or PHPDocumentor instead. If you would like to become its maintainer open an issue.

The Api Generator provides an easy to use always current documentation generation tool. Api documentation is generated using PHP's reflection API. A few simple database tables are used to maintain an index of classes, packages and files and provide the ability to search through a project. Api Generator supports PHPdoc format docblocks and allows you to use Markdown formatting in your documentation blocks.


  • PHP5 - Requires PHP5.2. If you are on PHP4 too bad, time to upgrade anyways.
  • CakePHP 1.x
    • The 0.3 tag and 0.3-branch are compatible with CakePHP 1.2
    • The v0.4 tag and the 1.3 branch are compatible with CakePHP 1.3
    • The master branch is compatible with CakePHP 2.0


The original installation guide is available here: http://cakephp.lighthouseapp.com/projects/42879/docs-installation

The basic steps for Cake 2.x are:

  • Ensure you have a working Cake console (refer to the Console section of the book)
  • Unzip or clone the files from this repository into /app/Plugin/ApiGenerator/
  • Activate the plugin in /app/Config/bootstrap.php with either of these lines:
    or simply
  • Type the following commands from the console to initialise the database, setup config options, and create an initial index:
    • cake ApiGenerator.ApiIndex initdb
    • cake ApiGenerator.ApiIndex showfiles
    • cake ApiGenerator.ApiIndex update
  • The update will display any errors or warnings it encounters
  • Visit http://mycakeurl/api_generator/api_classes to display a list of classes found in the index


The showfiles console command will prompt the user to provide configuration options (with some sensible defaults), but these will often need to be tweaked. Configuration is stored inside /app/Plugin/ApiGenerator/Config/api_config.ini

An example configuration file:

D:\MyCakeApp\app\ = true
D:\MyCakeApp\AnotherLibrary\ = true
properties = n
directories = Vendor,webroot,ApiGenerator,Test,tmp
files = empty
extensions = php,ctp
regex = [A-Za-z_\\-0-9]+
admin = passwordHere
  • properties - can be set to public, private, or protected (or any combination of these, separated by commas) and will exclude these functions from the index
  • directories - names of directories to exclude
  • files - names of files to exclude
  • extensions - the file extensions that should be searched
  • regex - filenames that match the regex should be searched

Example DocBlock

(Taken from Cake's own Controller class)

 * An array containing the class names of models this controller uses.
 * Example: `public $uses = array('Product', 'Post', 'Comment');`
 * Can be set to several values to express different options:
 * - `true` Use the default inflected model name.
 * - `array()` Use only models defined in the parent class.
 * - `false` Use no models at all, do not merge with parent class either.
 * - `array('Post', 'Comment')` Use only the Post and Comment models. Models
 *   Will also be merged with the parent class.
 * The default value is `true`.
 * @var mixed A single name as a string or a list of names as an array.
 * @link http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/controllers.html#components-helpers-and-uses
public $uses = true;

The backtick can be used to indicate code samples, and various tags such as @var, @param, @return can provide helpful reference information.

Reporting issues

If you have an issues with Api Generator please open a ticket on lighthouse:


If you'd like to contribute to ApiGenerator, you can do so by forking the repository and sending pull requests. You can also open tickets for features at the lighthouse