The finished result of the bookmarker tutorial. Also serves as a sample application using CakePHP 3.x
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CakePHP Bookmarker Sample Application

This is a sample application that is the result of following the bookmarker tutorial.

Installation & Setup

  1. Download Composer or update composer self-update.
  2. Download this repository - git clone
  3. Install dependencies with composer - composer install.
  4. Add the schema to a new database.
  5. Configure your database credentials in app.php. Make sure to use the same database name as in step 4.
  6. Start the server bin/cake server -p 8765.
  7. Go to http://localhost:8765 in your browser.

Using Vagrant

If you don't have a local development environment setup, you can use Vagrant to create one. After installing Vagrant run:

vagrant up

This will download a new vagrant image, and run ansible to provision the bookmarking application. Once ansible is complete, you should have a working application available at .

Logging In

You can login to the application at The username is and the password is password.

Before you run Ansible a second time

After the initial provisioning run if you want to re-run ansible, make sure to remove mysql.dump in ansible/vars/all.yml or ansible will reset your database state to whats in the SQL dump file.