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CakePHP Code Sniffer


CakePHP Code Sniffer Build Status

This code works with phpcs and checks code against the coding standards used in CakePHP.


Its generally recommended to install these code sniffs with the PEAR installer:

pear channel-discover
pear install cakephp/CakePHP_CodeSniffer


After installation you can check code compliance to the standard using phpcs:

phpcs --standard=CakePHP /path/to/code


If you'd like to contribute to the Code Sniffer, you can fork the project add features and send pull requests.

Make sure to clone the repository to something like cakephp_codesniffer (instead of the default cakephp-codesniffer) because otherwise phpunit will fail to run the tests.

Releasing CakePHP Code Sniffer

  • Update version number in build.xml
  • Add changelog entry.
  • Commit changes.
  • Create git tag.
  • Run phing release
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