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Tweak docblock for api generator

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commit 20047c5060e38985d249c65f272c77668899c53c 1 parent 56df02f
@ADmad ADmad authored
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  1. +2 −0  lib/Cake/Model/Model.php
2  lib/Cake/Model/Model.php
@@ -1600,10 +1600,12 @@ public function saveField($name, $value, $validate = false) {
* @param boolean|array $validate Either a boolean, or an array.
* If a boolean, indicates whether or not to validate before saving.
* If an array, can have following keys:
+ *
* - `validate`: Set to true/false to enable or disable validation.
* - `fieldList`: An array of fields you want to allow for saving.
* - `callbacks`: Set to false to disable callbacks. Using 'before' or 'after'
* will enable only those callbacks.
+ *
* @param array $fieldList List of fields to allow to be saved
* @return mixed On success Model::$data if its not empty or true, false on failure
* @link
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