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Update docs for file().

Mention that relative paths will be prepended with APP.

Refs #3370
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markstory committed Apr 24, 2014
1 parent a3ad1c8 commit 2333c3d535353e1ba5529ccaf9bb4316a85e99ea
Showing with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +2 −1 lib/Cake/Network/CakeResponse.php
@@ -1247,7 +1247,8 @@ public function cookie($options = null) {
* - name: Alternate download name
* - download: If `true` sets download header and forces file to be downloaded rather than displayed in browser
* @param string $path Path to file
* @param string $path Path to file. If the path is not an absolute path that resolves
* to a file, `APP` will be prepended to the path.
* @param array $options Options See above.
* @return void
* @throws NotFoundException

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