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Adding help() for TestTask.

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markstory committed Aug 17, 2009
1 parent 2893b29 commit 34b6e18e8dbb7fb62808bff3002eb586809a5d05
Showing with 26 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 cake/console/libs/tasks/fixture.php
  2. +25 −0 cake/console/libs/tasks/test.php
@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@ function help() {
$this->out("\t-count When using generated data, the number of records to include in the fixture(s).");
$this->out("\t-connection Which database configuration to use for baking.");
$this->out("\t-plugin lowercased_underscored name of plugin to bake fixtures for.");
$this->out("\t-plugin CamelCased name of plugin to bake fixtures for.");
@@ -414,5 +414,30 @@ function testCaseFileName($type, $className) {
return $path . Inflector::underscore($className) . '.test.php';
* Show help file.
* @return void
function help() {
$this->out("Usage: cake bake test <type> <class>");
$this->out("test model post\n\tbakes a test case for the post model.");
$this->out("test controller comments\n\tbakes a test case for the comments controller.");
$this->out("\t<type> Can be any of the following 'controller', 'model', 'helper',\n\t'component', 'behavior'.");
$this->out("\t<class> Any existing class for the chosen type.");
$this->out("\t-plugin CamelCased name of plugin to bake tests for.");

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