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Adding a ghetto option parser to the testsuite shell. Still need to a…

…dd in all the options from phpunit, and the other cake options.
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markstory committed Oct 12, 2010
1 parent 2af684c commit 3585620470014d4e79bb36c85d44b608f2c1fcaa
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  1. +20 −0 cake/console/libs/testsuite.php
@@ -28,6 +28,26 @@ class TestSuiteShell extends Shell {
protected $_dispatcher = null;
* get the option parser for the test suite.
* @return void
public function getOptionParser() {
$parser = new ConsoleOptionParser($this->name, false);
'The CakPHP Testsuite allows you to run test cases from the command line',
'If run with no command line arguments, a list of available core test cases will be shown'
))->addArgument('category', array(
'help' => __('app, core or name of a plugin.'),
'required' => true
))->addArgument('file', array(
'help' => __('file name with folder prefix and without the test.php suffix.'),
'required' => true,
return $parser;
* Initialization method installs Simpletest and loads all plugins

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