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The parameter description is copied from `CakeLog::write` method.
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bancer committed Oct 26, 2018
1 parent 2acad7e commit 3c9d46864ea8c0343c1b1c00f395b2f1fcd28696
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@@ -181,7 +181,9 @@ public static function dump($var, $depth = 3) {
* as well as export the variable using exportVar. By default the log is written to the debug log.
* @param mixed $var Variable or content to log
* @param int $level type of log to use. Defaults to LOG_DEBUG
* @param int|string $level Type of log to use. Defaults to LOG_DEBUG. When value is an integer
* or a string matching the recognized levels, then it will
* be treated log levels. Otherwise it's treated as scope.
* @param int $depth The depth to output to. Defaults to 3.
* @return void
* @link

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