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Adding help() entry for bake view all

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markstory committed Jun 5, 2009
1 parent 0099c8a commit 3d39feeac918cd866009ef281c2349ed89c7dfd2
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  1. +5 −2 cake/console/libs/tasks/view.php
@@ -405,7 +405,7 @@ function help() {
$this->out("view <controller>");
$this->out("\twill read the given controller for methods");
$this->out("\tand bake corresponding views.");
$this->out("\tIf var scaffold is found it will bake the scaffolded actions");
$this->out("\tIf var scaffold is found it will bake the CRUD actions");
$this->out("view <controller> <action>");
@@ -414,7 +414,10 @@ function help() {
$this->out("view <controller> <template> <alias>");
$this->out("\twill use the template specified");
$this->out("\tbut name the file based on the alias");
$this->out("view all");
$this->out("\tBake all CRUD action views for all controllers.");
$this->out("\tRequires that models and controllers exist.");

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