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Throw exceptions when non Datasource classes are used as Datasources.

Using models as datasources can cause segmentation faults. Guard against
that by checking types and raising exceptions early.

Fixes #3694
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1 parent 73310f9 commit 3d4ebc038cc3336a11a263eca5f465b05cfce896 @markstory markstory committed Mar 13, 2013
2 lib/Cake/Error/exceptions.php
@@ -441,7 +441,7 @@ class MissingDatasourceConfigException extends CakeException {
class MissingDatasourceException extends CakeException {
- protected $_messageTemplate = 'Datasource class %s could not be found.';
+ protected $_messageTemplate = 'Datasource class %s could not be found. %s';
12 lib/Cake/Model/ConnectionManager.php
@@ -99,9 +99,17 @@ public static function getDataSource($name) {
$conn = self::$_connectionsEnum[$name];
$class = $conn['classname'];
- self::$_dataSources[$name] = new $class(self::$config->{$name});
- self::$_dataSources[$name]->configKeyName = $name;
+ $instance = new $class(self::$config->{$name});
+ $instance->configKeyName = $name;
+ if (!$instance instanceof Datasource) {
+ throw new MissingDatasourceException(array(
+ 'class' => $class,
+ 'plugin' => null,
+ 'message' => 'Only classes extending Datasource can be used as datasources.'
+ ));
+ }
+ self::$_dataSources[$name] = $instance;
return self::$_dataSources[$name];
3 lib/Cake/View/Errors/missing_datasource.ctp
@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@ $pluginDot = empty($plugin) ? null : $plugin . '.';
<p class="error">
<strong><?php echo __d('cake_dev', 'Error'); ?>: </strong>
<?php echo __d('cake_dev', 'Datasource class %s could not be found.', '<em>' . $pluginDot . $class . '</em>'); ?>
+ <?php if (isset($message)): ?>
+ <?php echo h($message); ?>
+ <?php endif; ?>
<p class="notice">
<strong><?php echo __d('cake_dev', 'Notice'); ?>: </strong>

10 comments on commit 3d4ebc0

CakePHP member

Ouch, that is not a very happy thing for me. I use tons of datasources that do not extend the base class :(

CakePHP member

If I understand the related ticket correctly, he provided incorrect value for datasource key in config and coincidentally there was a model class loaded of the same name which got used as datasource instance. Is that right? This sounds like a pretty rare edge case.

Given the fact that web services can be pretty varied in nature I am sure there must be others like @lorenzo who have made datasource class which don't extend the base class.

CakePHP member

👍 for undoing this

CakePHP member

I didn't want to try and check for things like using a model/controller/helper/component/behavior. Right now the failure case is a segmentation fault. I'm open for other ways of fixing this though. Perhaps we can sniff a method?

CakePHP member
CakePHP member

I don't think that would solve the issue of doing:

public $someConfg = array(
   'datasource' => 'Post'

And the app having a Model class, that may already be loaded.

CakePHP member

How about checking that if datasource's value doesn't contain a / it should end in source ?

CakePHP member

i meant sth like:

    if (strpos(App::location($className), 'Datasource') === false) {
        throw new Exception();
CakePHP member

@ceeram That sounds promising.

CakePHP member

Made a pull request: #1176

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