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Remove @inheritdoc to correctly work with phpstan

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segy committed May 11, 2018
1 parent 6226da2 commit 3e2a22045850139e81edaa185830272d8f64ccbd
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  1. +29 −1 src/ORM/Query.php
@@ -170,7 +170,35 @@ public function __construct($connection, $table)
* {@inheritDoc}
* Adds new fields to be returned by a `SELECT` statement when this query is
* executed. Fields can be passed as an array of strings, array of expression
* objects, a single expression or a single string.
* If an array is passed, keys will be used to alias fields using the value as the
* real field to be aliased. It is possible to alias strings, Expression objects or
* even other Query objects.
* If a callable function is passed, the returning array of the function will
* be used as the list of fields.
* By default this function will append any passed argument to the list of fields
* to be selected, unless the second argument is set to true.
* ### Examples:
* ```
* $query->select(['id', 'title']); // Produces SELECT id, title
* $query->select(['author' => 'author_id']); // Appends author: SELECT id, title, author_id as author
* $query->select('id', true); // Resets the list: SELECT id
* $query->select(['total' => $countQuery]); // SELECT id, (SELECT ...) AS total
* $query->select(function ($query) {
* return ['article_id', 'total' => $query->count('*')];
* })
* ```
* By default no fields are selected, if you have an instance of `Cake\ORM\Query` and try to append
* fields you should also call `Cake\ORM\Query::enableAutoFields()` to select the default fields
* from the table.
* If you pass an instance of a `Cake\ORM\Table` or `Cake\ORM\Association` class,
* all the fields in the schema of the table or the association will be added to

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