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Update the TestSource with the three new abstract methods

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trichins authored and markstory committed Jan 7, 2014
1 parent 95989bd commit 487dc444033253834715707a7d106d400aeea381
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  1. +33 −0 Test/TestApp/Plugin/TestPlugin/Database/Driver/TestSource.php
@@ -80,4 +80,37 @@ public function rollbackTransaction() {
public function quote($value, $type) {
* Returns a callable function that will be used to transform a passed Query object.
* This function, in turn, will return an instance of a Query object that has been
* transformed to accommodate any specificities of the SQL dialect in use.
* @param string $type the type of query to be transformed
* (select, insert, update, delete)
* @return callable
public function queryTranslator($type);
* Get the schema dialect.
* Used by Cake\Database\Schema package to reflect schema and
* generate schema.
* If all the tables that use this Driver specify their
* own schemas, then this may return null.
* @return Cake\Database\Schema\BaseSchema
public function schemaDialect();
* Quotes a database identifier (a column name, table name, etc..) to
* be used safely in queries without the risk of using reserved words
* @param string $identifier
* @return string
public function quoteIdentifier($identifier);

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