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## Testcases and codesniffer

CakePHP tests requires [PHPUnit](
CakePHP tests requires [PHPUnit](
3.5 or higher. To run the testcases locally use the following command:

./lib/Cake/Console/cake test core AllTests --stderr
phpunit --stderr tests/TestCase/

You can copy file `phpunit.xml.dist` to `phpunit.xml` and modify the database
driver settings as required to run tests for particular database.

You can also register on [Travis CI]( and from your
[profile]( page enable the service hook for your
cakephp fork on github for automated test builds.

To run the sniffs for CakePHP coding standards:

phpcs -p --extensions=php --standard=CakePHP ./lib/Cake
phpcs -p --extensions=php --standard=CakePHP ./src

Check the [cakephp-codesniffer](
repository to setup the CakePHP standard. The README contains installation info
for the sniff and phpcs.

# Additional Resources

* [CakePHP coding standards](
* [CakePHP coding standards](
* [Existing issues](
* [Development Roadmaps](
* [General GitHub documentation](

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