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Remove subtree-split command.

We won't be subtree splitting every commit anymore. Instead the app
skeleton will become a standalone repository.
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markstory committed Sep 6, 2013
1 parent 0e83e6c commit 5eee58eb7956ae14d378165448ab0da73dd64e08
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@@ -250,18 +250,6 @@

<target name="subtree-split" description="Split the main repo into subtrees for the -app and -framework repos">
<echo msg="Generating app-split subtree branch" />
<exec command="git subtree split --prefix App/ --branch app-split" />

<echo msg="Generating framework-split subtree branch" />
<exec command="git subtree split --prefix lib/ --branch framework-split" />

<echo msg="Pushing splits to remotes" />
<exec command="git push ${} app-split:master" />
<exec command="git push ${git.subtree.framework} framework-split:master" />

Top level easy to type targets

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