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Signed-off-by: Mark Story <>
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1 parent 5274dce commit 6d8fa76bed484c91a3ea9066eeb6f49bef28646e @ceeram ceeram committed with markstory Dec 21, 2009
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@@ -710,7 +710,7 @@ function tableCells($data, $oddTrOptions = null, $evenTrOptions = null, $useCoun
* @param string $text String content that will appear inside the div element.
* If null, only a start tag will be printed
* @param array $options Additional HTML attributes of the DIV tag, see above.
- * @param boolean $escape If true, $text will be HTML-escaped (Deprecated, use $attributes[escape])
+ * @param boolean $escape If true, $text will be HTML-escaped (Deprecated, use $options['escape'])
* @return string The formatted tag element
* @access public

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