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Add codestyle and reports-ci targets to phing.

This should make it easier to run and test the various code
reports + stylechecking.
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markstory committed Dec 15, 2012
1 parent 557c8ed commit 71371dd9dadc5e8704dd3d0b20033acb400cd734
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@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@
<include name="cake" />

<fileset id="non-tests" dir="./lib/Cake">
<exclude name=".lib/Cake/Test" />

<!-- start fresh each time. Remove the dist and build dirs -->
<target name="clean">
@@ -205,10 +208,43 @@
<exec command="ssh pirum add ${pirum.dir} ${pirum.dir}/${pear.package}.tgz" checkreturn="true" />

<target name="codestyle" description="Check codestyle (human readable format)">
<fileset refid="libs" />

<target name="reports-ci">
<fileset refid="libs" />
<formatter type="checkstyle" outfile="checkstyle.xml" />
<fileset refid="libs" />
<formatter type="pmd" outfile="pmd-cpd.xml"/>
<fileset refid="non-tests" />
<logger type="jdepend-xml" outfile="jdepend.xml"/>
<phpmd rulesets="codesize,unusedcode,design">
<fileset refid="non-tests" />
<formatter type="xml" outfile="reports/pmd.html"/>

Top level easy to type targets
<target name="build" depends="generate-package" description="Generate a pear package" />
<target name="release" depends="release-commit,build,distribute" description="Release a new version of CakePHP" />
<target name="code-reports" depends="reports-ci"
description="Run the code reports, generating XML output for CI server use." />


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