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Change previous SQL Server order fix to create a new order clause.

Avoid using pass by reference.
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Mike Fellows Mike Fellows
Mike Fellows authored and Mike Fellows committed Jul 26, 2017
1 parent 2759482 commit 74bb8737f784976610773d7f5e5b8ab977e51ada
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  1. +20 −20 src/Database/Dialect/SqlserverDialectTrait.php
@@ -106,30 +106,30 @@ protected function _pagingSubquery($original, $limit, $offset)
$field = '_cake_paging_._cake_page_rownum_';
if ($original->clause('order')) {
$order = clone $original->clause('order');
// SQL server does not support column aliases in OVER clauses. But
// the only practical way to specify the use of calculated columns
// is with their alias. So substitute the select SQL in place of
// any column aliases for those entries in the order clause.
$select = $original->clause('select');
$order = new OrderByExpression();
->iterateParts(function ($direction, $orderBy) use ($select, $order) {
$key = $orderBy;
if (isset($select[$orderBy]) &&
$select[$orderBy] instanceof ExpressionInterface
) {
$key = $select[$orderBy]->sql(new ValueBinder());
$order->add([$key => $direction]);
// Leave original order clause unchanged.
return $orderBy;
} else {
$order = new OrderByExpression('(SELECT NULL)');
// SQL server does not support column aliases in OVER clauses. But for
// calculated columns the alias is the only practical identifier to use
// when specifying the order. So if a column alias is specified in the
// order clause, and the value of that alias is an expression, change
// the alias into what it represents by setting the clause's key to be
// the SQL representation of its value. The UnaryExpression creation
// below will then do the right thing and use the calculation in the
// ROW_NUMBER() OVER clause instead of the alias.
$select = $original->clause('select');
$order->iterateParts(function ($direction, &$orderBy) use ($select) {
if (isset($select[$orderBy])) {
if ($select[$orderBy] instanceof ExpressionInterface) {
$orderBy = $select[$orderBy]->sql(new ValueBinder());
return $direction;
$query = clone $original;
'_cake_page_rownum_' => new UnaryExpression('ROW_NUMBER() OVER', $order)

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