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Deprecating LogIterface, it will be removed before the stable version

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lorenzo committed Sep 21, 2014
1 parent f6337d0 commit 86b0ab991d2e383a73da03369f46db3cfc7d0d78
Showing with 2 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +2 −11 src/Log/LogInterface.php
@@ -21,18 +21,9 @@
* LogInterface is the interface that should be implemented
* by all classes that are going to be used as Log streams.
* @deprecated
interface LogInterface extends LoggerInterface {
* Write method to handle writes being made to the Logger
* @param string $level The severity level of the message being written.
* See Cake\Log\Log::$_levels for list of possible levels.
* @param string $message Message content to log
* @param array $scope The scope(s) a log message is being created in.
* See Cake\Log\Log::config() for more information on logging scopes.
* @return void
public function write($level, $message, $scope = []);

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