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Update docs for numbers()

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markstory committed Oct 2, 2013
1 parent 01e1ed0 commit 88288e1cfffee3bc8ad36bf886f866c97c0c9865
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@@ -588,8 +588,8 @@ public function counter($options = []) {
* ### Options
* - `before` Content to be inserted before the numbers
* - `after` Content to be inserted after the numbers
* - `before` Content to be inserted before the numbers, but after the first links.
* - `after` Content to be inserted after the numbers, but before the last links.
* - `model` Model to create numbers for, defaults to PaginatorHelper::defaultModel()
* - `modulus` how many numbers to include on either side of the current page, defaults to 8.
* - `first` Whether you want first links generated, set to an integer to define the number of 'first'
@@ -598,8 +598,8 @@ public function counter($options = []) {
* links to generate.
* The generated number links will include the 'ellipsis' template when the `first` and `last` options
* are used and a range of page links will not be generated because they fall outside the range defined
* by modulus.
* and the number of pages exceed the modulus. For example if you have 25 pages, and use the first/last
* options and a modulus of 8, ellipsis content will be inserted after the first and last link sets.
* @param array $options Options for the numbers, (before, after, model, modulus)
* @return string numbers string.

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