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Preventing PHP to segfault on PHP 7

PHP 7 issue #69329 causes the mime_content_type to fail in files smaller than 3 bytes. This change just increase the file on cake to avoid the error. The content of this file is not checked on the tests, just the mime content type.
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jrbasso committed Mar 29, 2015
1 parent d7fa173 commit 9cd6c068409918e1b0617a4a9b69683f3f885a8f
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 tests/TestCase/View/Helper/RssHelperTest.php
@@ -598,7 +598,7 @@ public function testItemEnclosureLength()
$tmpFile = WWW_ROOT . 'tests/cakephp.file.test.tmp';
$File = new File($tmpFile, true);
$this->assertTrue($File->write('123'), 'Could not write to ' . $tmpFile);
$this->assertTrue($File->write('1234'), 'Could not write to ' . $tmpFile);

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