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Updating API docs for FormHelper::input() fixes #1649

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1 parent 2c4ed9b commit 9f51c4ccfceeb023247d8e20e8d99275b4acdc57 @markstory markstory committed
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4 cake/libs/view/helpers/form.php
@@ -678,7 +678,9 @@ function inputs($fields = null, $blacklist = null) {
* ### Options
* See each field type method for more information. Any options that are part of
- * $attributes or $options for the different **type** methods can be included in `$options` for input().
+ * $attributes or $options for the different **type** methods can be included in `$options` for input().i
+ * Additionally, any unknown keys that are not in the list below, or part of the selected type's options
+ * will be treated as a regular html attribute for the generated input.
* - `type` - Force the type of widget you want. e.g. `type => 'select'`
* - `label` - Either a string label, or an array of options for the label. See FormHelper::label()

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