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Making Query::count() return consistent results. It was trying to be too

smart on what it needed to return.

In some cases it returned the total rows found and in other cases the
total rows fetched. Having a consisten result. This method, while very
mariginally slower, will always return the correct result.
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lorenzo committed Jan 23, 2014
1 parent 73b9bed commit 9f8505fb8302eb20f0b8024465297836d3600df2
Showing with 12 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +12 −8 src/ORM/Query.php
@@ -868,18 +868,22 @@ public function first() {
* Return the COUNT(*) for for the query.
* If the query does not contain GROUP BY or map reduce functions, then
* this method will replace the selected fields with a COUNT(*), and the resulting
* count will be returned.
* @return integer
public function count() {
$query = clone $this;
$query->select(['count' => $this->func()->count('*')])->hydrate(false);
$query->mapReduce(null, null, true);
$query->formatResults(null, true);
return (int)$query->first()['count'];
// Forcing at least one field to be selected
$statement = $this->connection()->newQuery()
->select(['count' => $query->func()->count('*')])
->from(['source' => $query])
$result = $statement->fetch('assoc')['count'];
return (int)$result;

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