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lorenzo committed Sep 12, 2014
1 parent 773e03a commit b1ce13fb986d574825feb4b85ead375f409a9637
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  1. +1 −0 src/ORM/Association/SelectableAssociationTrait.php
@@ -180,6 +180,7 @@ protected function _addFilteringCondition($query, $key, $filter) {
* @param \Cake\ORM\Query $query Target table's query
* @param array $keys the fields that should be used for filtering
* @param mixed $filter the value that should be used to match for $key
* @param string $operator The operator for comparing the tuples
* @return \Cake\Database\Expression\TupleComparison
protected function _createTupleCondition($query, $keys, $filter, $operator) {

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