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Don't test sslv3

Generally people are ceasing to support sslv3 as it has a number of
weaknesses. Lets not test against old busted ciphers.
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markstory committed Jun 24, 2016
1 parent ca87223 commit b7f2e3e1246306d7b0a27dcb8c72a5298b9a3dd3
Showing with 0 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +0 −6 tests/TestCase/Network/SocketTest.php
@@ -349,12 +349,6 @@ public function testEnableCryptoBadMode()
public function testEnableCrypto()
$this->skipIf(!function_exists('stream_socket_enable_crypto'), 'Broken on HHVM');
// testing on ssl server
$this->assertTrue($this->Socket->enableCrypto('sslv3', 'client'));
// testing on tls server
$this->assertTrue($this->Socket->enableCrypto('tls', 'client'));

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