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Added a warning that will appear on the homepage to alert users that

their PCRE installation doesn't have Unicode support which can cause a
whole mess of trouble if gone unnoticed. The warning will only display
if their system doesn't have support, not if it does. Fixes #1113

Signed-off-by: mark_story <>
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1 parent e91fa68 commit b9163b95fefbd1dd859c5befa990b0226979f654 @joebeeson joebeeson committed with markstory Sep 16, 2010
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  1. +11 −1 cake/libs/view/pages/home.ctp
12 cake/libs/view/pages/home.ctp
@@ -72,6 +72,16 @@ endif;
+ App::import('Core', 'Validation');
+ if (!Validation::alphaNumeric('cakephp')) {
+ echo '<p><span class="notice">';
+ __('PCRE has not been compiled with Unicode support.');
+ echo '<br/>';
+ __('Recompile PCRE with Unicode support by adding <code>--enable-unicode-properties</code> when configuring');
+ echo '</span></p>';
+ }
if (isset($filePresent)):
if (!class_exists('ConnectionManager')) {
require LIBS . 'model' . DS . 'connection_manager.php';
@@ -157,4 +167,4 @@ You can also add some CSS styles for your pages at: APP/webroot/css.');
<ul><li><?php __('Recommended Software Books'); ?></li></ul></li>
<li><a href=""><?php __('CakePHP gear'); ?> </a>
<ul><li><?php __('Get your own CakePHP gear - Doughnate to Cake'); ?></li></ul></li>

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