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Added missing App::uses() statement. Closes #3331

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commit cc6b699db4fe729542ae06447b9c2f8d9a738e98 1 parent f0e13af
@ADmad ADmad authored
2  lib/Cake/Controller/CakeErrorController.php
@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@
* @license MIT License (
+App::uses('AppController', 'Controller');
* Error Handling Controller
5 lib/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php
@@ -142,15 +142,14 @@ public function __construct(Exception $exception) {
* @return Controller
protected function _getController($exception) {
+ App::uses('AppController', 'Controller');
App::uses('CakeErrorController', 'Controller');
if (!$request = Router::getRequest(true)) {
$request = new CakeRequest();
$response = new CakeResponse(array('charset' => Configure::read('App.encoding')));
try {
- if (class_exists('AppController')) {
- $controller = new CakeErrorController($request, $response);
- }
+ $controller = new CakeErrorController($request, $response);
} catch (Exception $e) {
if (empty($controller)) {
1  lib/Cake/Test/Case/Error/ExceptionRendererTest.php
@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
App::uses('ExceptionRenderer', 'Error');
App::uses('Controller', 'Controller');
-App::uses('AppController', 'Controller');
App::uses('Component', 'Controller');
App::uses('Router', 'Routing');

13 comments on commit cc6b699


I think this is not closed yet, I still have an error in ControllerTest. Reverting 0fb4d1d fixes it.


Which ControllerTest?


The current 2.3 branch now has the App uses twice in CakeErrorController


@bar Exactly what error did you get? I don't understand how adding this App::uses() to the ErrorHandler affects ControllerTest. The builds on travis and ci.cakephp were passing even before you reverted my commit 0fb4d1d

@dereuromark A faulty merge perhaps, I will fix it.

$ cake test core Controller/Controller

.PHP Fatal error:  Class 'AppController' not found in /home/bar/www/cakephp/lib/Cake/Test/test_app/Plugin/TestPlugin/Controller/TestPluginAppController.php on line 19
Fatal Error Error: Class 'AppController' not found in [/home/bar/www/cakephp/lib/Cake/Test/test_app/Plugin/TestPlugin/Controller/TestPluginAppController.php, line 19]

Fatal error: Class 'AppController' not found in /home/bar/www/cakephp/lib/Cake/Test/test_app/Plugin/TestPlugin/Controller/TestPluginAppController.php on line 19

I believe lib/Cake/Test/test_app/Plugin/TestPlugin/Controller/TestPluginAppController.phpmisses App::uses('AppController', 'Controller'); and thats the error I get.


Right, so that's where the missing App::uses() should be added, not in the ErrorHandler class.


Perfect, when you advised me to find the right place for it, I started looking and made a patch last night, never PR it though. BTW, how come travis never said something?

Edit: Never mind, It is a dummy plugin :P


During a normal request the dispatcher take care of including the AppController before a particular controller due to which we can avoid having App::uses('AppController', 'Controller'); in each controller file. But for test cases files we need it.


No problem, I will revert your revert :smile:


Hahaha nice! and sorry for the mess, I should have asked you and wait in the first place.


No worries, if we are gonna blame someone let's just blame Mark for merging your PR :smile:


I'll take the blame there, I didn't really thing through all the implications of the change. Additional App::uses() are generally harmless.

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