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Add docs for HasMany saveStrategy.

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markstory committed Dec 12, 2015
1 parent d545959 commit d187e539727bc5d8708d401aed08d2e1404d1b32
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@@ -801,6 +801,10 @@ public function hasOne($associated, array $options = [])
* When true records will be loaded and then deleted.
* - conditions: array with a list of conditions to filter the join with
* - sort: The order in which results for this association should be returned
* - saveStrategy: Either 'append' or 'replace'. When 'append' the current records
* are appended to any records in the database. When 'replace' associated records
* not in the current set will be removed. If the foreign key is a null able column
* or if `dependent` is true records will be orphaned.
* - strategy: The strategy to be used for selecting results Either 'select'
* or 'subquery'. If subquery is selected the query used to return results
* in the source table will be used as conditions for getting rows in the

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