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Improving docs for the TupleComparison expression class

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lorenzo committed Jan 12, 2014
1 parent c2ddf76 commit e109c7c6bf28bea03d7a64957312d548f1da154e
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  1. +8 −6 Cake/Database/Expression/TupleComparison.php
@@ -19,21 +19,23 @@
use Cake\Database\ValueBinder;
* This expression represents SQL fragments that are use for comparing one tuple
* to another, one tuple to a set of other tuples or one tuple to an expression
class TupleComparison extends Comparison {
* Constructor
* @param string $field the field name to compare to a value
* @param mixed $value the value to be used in comparison
* @param string $type the type name used to cast the value
* @param string $fields the fields to use to form a tuple
* @param array|ExpressionInterface $values the values to use to form a tuple
* @param array $types the types names to use for casting each of the values, only
* one type per position in the value array in needed
* @param string $conjunction the operator used for comparing field and value
* @return void
public function __construct($field, $value, $type = [], $conjuntion = '=') {
parent::__construct($field, $value, $type, $conjuntion);
public function __construct($fields, $values, $types = [], $conjuntion = '=') {
parent::__construct($fields, $value, $type, $conjuntion);
$this->_type = (array)$type;

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