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Deprecate serving files by relative paths.

Relative paths assume that cwd is 'safe'. Instead we should require
people to be more explicit in their paths.

Refs #11921
Refs #11926
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markstory committed Apr 14, 2018
1 parent 6cde530 commit e781e2615045b10fc19cd2e68f69bebc6311a962
Showing with 11 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +11 −1 src/Http/Response.php
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
use Cake\Core\Configure;
use Cake\Filesystem\File;
use Cake\Filesystem\Folder;
use Cake\Http\Cookie\Cookie;
use Cake\Http\Cookie\CookieCollection;
use Cake\Http\Cookie\CookieInterface;
@@ -2587,9 +2588,18 @@ protected function validateFile($path)
throw new NotFoundException(__d('cake', 'The requested file contains `..` and will not be read.'));
if (!is_file($path)) {
deprecationWarning('Using non-absolute paths with Response::file() and withFile() is deprecated.');
'Automatic prefixing of paths with `APP` by `Response::file()` and `withFile()` is deprecated. ' .
'Use absolute paths instead.'
$path = APP . $path;
if (!Folder::isAbsolute($path)) {
'Serving files via `file()` or `withFile()` using relative paths is deprecated.' .
'Use an absolute path instead.'
$file = new File($path);
if (!$file->exists() || !$file->readable()) {

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