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Update composer scripts.

No need to specify --standard in phpcs commands since phpcs.xml.dist exists.
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ADmad committed Jan 1, 2017
1 parent 39319ab commit f02dd53dcaf8d1d2408a08d3a30bb7e383d96cda
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@@ -76,8 +76,8 @@
"cs-check": "phpcs --colors -p --standard=vendor/cakephp/cakephp-codesniffer/CakePHP ./src ./tests",
"cs-fix": "phpcbf --colors --standard=vendor/cakephp/cakephp-codesniffer/CakePHP ./src ./tests",
"cs-check": "phpcs --colors -p ./src ./tests",
"cs-fix": "phpcbf --colors ./src ./tests",
"test": "phpunit --colors=always"

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