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Define roles in pear package for files.

Fixes a number of issues with the PEAR package where files
would be installed in the incorrect directories as the role type was

Fixes #2680
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1 parent f1931e4 commit fe3d354b618de4a6bacc5376cbe8d78328920482 @markstory markstory committed Mar 14, 2012
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6 build.xml
@@ -137,11 +137,17 @@
<package name="PHPUnit" channel="" minimum_version="3.5.0" type="optional" />
<dirroles key="bin">script</dirroles>
+ <dirroles key="Cake/Test">php</dirroles>
+ <dirroles key="Cake/Console/Templates/skel">php</dirroles>
+ <dirroles key="Cake/Console/Templates/default">php</dirroles>
+ <dirroles key="Cake/View">php</dirroles>
<install as="cake" name="bin/cake" />
<install as="cake.php" name="bin/cake.php" />
<install as="cake.bat" name="bin/cake.bat" />
+ <exceptions key="Cake/VERSION.txt">php</exceptions>
+ <exceptions key="Cake/LICENSE.txt">php</exceptions>

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