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Commits on Jan 17, 2010
  1. @markstory
  2. @predominant

    Revert "Adjusting EmailComponent Boundary creation to occur for all g…

    predominant authored
    …enerated email. Fixes #14."
    This reverts commit b50b592.
  3. @markstory
  4. @markstory

    Adding error expectation to model_write test. Models using useTable =…

    markstory authored
    … false, will still issue count queries to their datasources when exists() is called.
  5. @markstory

    Fixing errors in CakeTestCase::testAction tests case caused by change…

    markstory authored
    …s in test suite not always forcing an output parameter.
  6. @markstory
  7. @markstory

    Correcting timehelper tests to use correct timestamp for indicated ti…

    markstory authored
    …mes. Making timezone output more resilient.
  8. @markstory
  9. @markstory
  10. @predominant
  11. @markstory

    Renaming session test case.

    markstory authored
    Adding missing doc block to inflector test case.
    Updating Set::map reverse test to reflect changes in Model.
    Removing Inflector from lib group as the reset test breaks many other tests.
    Adding a table property to the session fixture.
Commits on Jan 16, 2010
  1. @markstory

    Fixing spacing.

    markstory authored
  2. @markstory
  3. @markstory
Commits on Jan 15, 2010
  1. @lorenzo

    Merge branch '1.3' of into 1.3

    lorenzo authored
    * '1.3' of
      Removing gettests from jsHelper test case.
  2. @lorenzo
  3. @markstory
  4. @markstory
  5. @ADmad
  6. @ADmad

    Replacing constant CIPHER_SEED with Configure class variable 'Securit…

    ADmad authored
    …y.cipher_seed' and renaming Security class method 'checkSessionKey' to 'checkSecurityKeys'
  7. @markstory

    Removing the ability to set layout, and viewPath with Request paramet…

    markstory authored
    …ers. This feature was untested and undocumented. Furthermore, it should not be the responsibility of the dispatcher to set these parameters.
  8. @markstory
  9. @markstory
  10. @markstory
  11. @markstory
  12. @markstory
  13. @markstory

    Merge remote branch 'origin/1.2' into merger

    markstory authored
  14. @markstory
  15. @markstory
  16. @markstory

    Fixing issues in JsHelper with PHP4 compatibility. Seems passing arra…

    markstory authored
    …ys by reference doesn't work very well.
  17. @markstory
  18. @markstory
  19. @markstory
  20. @markstory
  21. @markstory
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