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Commits on Jan 1, 2008
  1. @phpnut

    "Closes #2897, Built-in file validation.

    phpnut authored
    Implemented Validation::extension(); and Vaidation::range();
    Updated copyright notices in all files"
    git-svn-id: 3807eeeb-6ff5-0310-8944-8be069107fe0
Commits on Nov 16, 2007
  1. @phpnut

    Closes #2119 Only define clone() in PHP4 when it hasn't been already …

    phpnut authored
    Closes #2213, Support multiple plugin paths.
    Closes #2234, filepaths to behavior classes should be cached in class.paths.php also
    Closes #2345, ability to group components into subfolders
    Closes #2645, Improvement to basic.php for class loading.
    Fixes #3526, Cache::write, when using just the config name, it fails.
    Fixes #3559, loading plugin model as assoc don't work.
    Closes #3567 Controller Folders (Note this does not need routing to work, but controller names can not conflict with others in the same application so naming must still be unique)
    Fixes #3579, email.php component: Parse error with php 4.
    Adding new class and file importer.
    Updated most of the core to use the importer.
    Added ClassRegsitry::init() that will create and instance of an object and store it in the registry.
    Deprecated most of the load functions in basics.php
    Plugin model loading now forces using the dot notation, to use models within a plugin, all the model associations must be in the PluginName.Model syntax, if this is not used, the plugin will look for the models in the main app/models directory first, if not found then it will search the plugin directories recursively until it finds a model.
    	var $belongsTo = array('SomeModel'); will look for some_model.php in the app/models
    	var $belongsTo = array('MyPlugin.SomeModel'); will look for some_model.php in my_plugin/models
    	var $belongsTo = array('MyPlugin.MyPlugin', 'SomeModel'); will used my_plugin/models/my_plugin.php and app/models/some_model.php
    The controllers of the plugin will still look for the default models inside the plugin if var $uses is not set:
    	var $uses = array('SomeModel'); will look for some_model.php in the app/models
    	var $uses = array('MyPlugin.SomeModel'); will look for some_model.php in my_plugin/models
    	var $uses = array('MyPlugin.MyPlugin', 'SomeModel'); will used my_plugin/models/my_plugin.php and app/models/some_model.php
    All of the above will work between plugins and main app
    These changes also allow placing model and controllers is sub directories
    Removed old class.paths.php file generation 
    git-svn-id: 3807eeeb-6ff5-0310-8944-8be069107fe0
Commits on Oct 27, 2007
  1. @phpnut

    Removing vars that are no longer used.

    phpnut authored
    git-svn-id: 3807eeeb-6ff5-0310-8944-8be069107fe0
Commits on Oct 26, 2007
  1. @phpnut
Commits on Oct 17, 2007
  1. @phpnut

    Fixes #2902, DB_ACL::allow allowing all when $actions is not an array.

    phpnut authored
    Fixes #2988, AclComponent check() does not inherit permissions.
    Fixes #3022, Inconsistent table alias quoting crashes Acl node lookup with PostgreSQL.
    Fixes #3129, Console ACL Shell ACO View Broken
    Fixes #3176, Problems with ACL support on Microsoft SQL Server.
    Closes #3311 as invalid, DboSourceTest::testArrayConditionsParsing tests added 
    Fixes #3312, DB_ACL::check() fail returning right permission
    Fixes #3344, Model->field adds incorrect condition under certain circumstances.
    Fixes #3400, Cookie Component: When reading a non-existing key it throws a notice.
    Fixes #3407, Since [5768] CookieComponent throws warning when used in beforeFilter().
    Closes #3401, Added form test to ensure $Form->fields array is what the security component requires.
    Updated AclComponentTest
    Merged changes in app/ to cake/console/libs/templates/skel
    Fixed generated link to Run More Test after running Group > All tests
    git-svn-id: 3807eeeb-6ff5-0310-8944-8be069107fe0
Commits on Jul 8, 2007
  1. @phpnut
Commits on May 2, 2007
  1. @phpnut

    Removing deprecated code and files

    phpnut authored
     * normalizeList() Deprecated: see Set::normalize
     * countdim() see Set::countDim
     * RequestHandler::disableStartup = false; see RequestHandler::$enabled
     * RequestHandlerComponent::setView() see RequestHandlerComponent::renderAs()
     * RequestHandlerComponent::setAjax() see RequestHandlerComponent::renderAs()
     * SessionComponent::flash() use $session->flash('key'); in your views
     * Controller::_setTitle() see Controller::set()
     * DboSource::fetchArray() see DboSource::fetchRow()
     * DboSource::one() see DboSource::fetchRow()
     * DB_ACL::getAco()  see AclComponent::$Aco::node()
     * DB_ACL::getAro() see AclComponent::$Aro::node()
     * Class is not longer available use libs/set.php Set class
     * Sanitize::sql() see Sanitize::escape()
     * Sanitize::cleanArray() see Sanitize::clean()
     * Sanitize::cleanArrayR() see Sanitize::clean()
     * Sanitize::cleanValue() see Sanitize::clean()
     * Helper::parseHtmlOptions() see HtmlHelper::_parseAttributes()
     * define('TAG_DIV', '<div class="%s">%s</div>');
     * define('TAG_P_CLASS', '<p class="%s">%s</p>');
     * define('TAG_LABEL', '<label for="%s">%s</label>');
     * define('TAG_FIELDSET', '<fieldset><legend>%s</legend>%s</label>');
     * FormHelper::labelTag() see FormHelper::label()
     * FormHelper::divTag() see HtmlHelper::div()
     * FormHelper::pTag() see HtmlHelper::para
     * FormHelper::generateInputDiv() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateCheckboxDiv() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateDate() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateTime() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateDateTime() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateAreaDiv() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateSelectDiv() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateSubmitDiv() see FormHelper::input()
     * FormHelper::generateFields() see FormHelper::input()
     * HtmlHelper::file() see FormHelper::file()
     * HtmlHelper::submit() see FormHelper::submit()
     * HtmlHelper::selectTag() see FormHelper::select()
     * HtmlHelper::formTag() see FormHelper::create()
     * HtmlHelper::linkEmail() see HtmlHelper::link()
     * HtmlHelper::dayOptionTag() see FormHelper::day()
     * HtmlHelper::yearOptionTag() see FormHelper::year()
     * HtmlHelper::monthOptionTag() see FormHelper::month()
     * HtmlHelper::hourOptionTag() see FormHelper::hour()
     * HtmlHelper::minuteOptionTag() see FormHelper::minute()
     * HtmlHelper::meridianOptionTag() see FormHelper::meridian()
     * HtmlHelper::dateTimeOptionTag() see FormHelper::dateTime()
     * JavascriptHelper::linkOut() see JavascriptHelper::link()
     * View::setLayout() use $this->layout in your view
    git-svn-id: 3807eeeb-6ff5-0310-8944-8be069107fe0
Commits on May 1, 2007
  1. @phpnut

    Moving all acl related models to model/db_acl.php.

    phpnut authored
    Removing components/models directories
    Changing the ACL_FILENAME setting in core.php
    git-svn-id: 3807eeeb-6ff5-0310-8944-8be069107fe0
  2. @phpnut

    Restructuring locations of acl related classes

    phpnut authored
    git-svn-id: 3807eeeb-6ff5-0310-8944-8be069107fe0
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