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Error or type of process performed? CakeTime.php #2387

EliuFlorez opened this Issue Nov 24, 2013 · 6 comments

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Error or type of process performed? CakeTime.php

line: 1132 - > $valid = !Multibyte::checkMultibyte($format);


modification of double quotes to single format

public static $wordAccuracy = array(
'year' => 'day',
'month' => 'day',
'week' => 'day',
'day' => 'hour',
'hour' => 'minute',
'minute' => 'minute',
'second' => 'second',

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I don't really understand the issue here. How can someone reproduce the issue.

There is no difference between single and double quotes, other than around consistency. I usually find there are more productive things we can focus on :-)


apache verifies the data that is in double quotes as simple and not response time is higher. The error or question I asked was that verification is done here: CakeTime.php

line: 1132 -> $valid = !Multibyte::checkMultibyte($format);

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jippi commented Nov 24, 2013

this still do not make sense to me :)


I am also confused about this issue. @EliuFlorez can you answer these questions for some clarity?

  1. What code can be used to reproduce the issue?
  2. What output are you getting returned from the CakeTime Utility?
  3. What output did you expect to be returned?
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ADmad commented Dec 2, 2013

Closing as no one is able to understand what the issues is.

@ADmad ADmad closed this Dec 2, 2013
@lorenzo lorenzo removed the On hold label Sep 19, 2014
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