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During this time I possessed basic standard modules , frontend ( for the primary domain ) , and the backend ( for example like the admin ) .

for the frontend I usually make with standard way , and for the backend/admin , I use Prefix Routing .

But I guess there is a little difficult with this way , In my controller, any action with an admin_ prefix will be called. Using our users example, accessing the URL /admin/users/edit/5 would call the method admin_edit of our UsersController passing 5 as the first parameter. The view file used would be app/View/Users/admin_edit.ctp

The problem is when a client asked me to change it , for example, they want to replace admin with the webadmin , I have to replace function in the controller , also in the name of each file CTP view .

Also difficult when I want to make it into a subdomain on shared hosting like cpanel .

Is this version supports the feature module , with subfolders for example ?
For the default module , such as public or frontend which can be accessed by default on the root domain : http://localhost/cakephp3/

So if you want to make another module like backand or admin as the new module , can be accessed at http://localhost/cakephp3/admin/

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CakePHP 2.x supports plugins, you could have an Admin plugin if you want all that logic separated from the frontend. Additionally you can call $this->render('old_template_name') if you don't wish to change the file names once a function name changes.

In CakePHP 3.0 we already have implemented Prefix routing using separated controllers in a different folder as described in this wiki page:


You will also be able to keep the ability of using plugins to completely separate admin logic.

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If plugins and the new prefix routing aren't enough let us know, and we can re-open the issue and find a better solution.

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