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Add theme path /app/plugins/<plugin>/views/themed/<theme>/ #174

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Just like plugin assets have a webroot under plugin root for the sake of packaging
themesPaths should also include this path /app/plugins/pizza/views/themed/thin_crust/


+1 - we had the same issue this week.


Theme's shouldn't go in plugins. Themes are 'view only' plugins. Having theme's in plugins makes little sense given the idea that themes are a way of making re-usable view content. This has come up before and not been accepted for the same reason. If anything it indicates to me that themes really have no purpose, and that we should allow 'theming' to occur using plugins instead of having two similar but confusingly different ways of creating re-usable bits.

@markstory markstory closed this
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Commits on Aug 12, 2011
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  1. +3 −1 cake/libs/view/theme.php
4 cake/libs/view/theme.php
@@ -65,7 +65,9 @@ function _paths($plugin = null, $cached = true) {
$themePaths[] = $paths[$i] . 'themed'. DS . $this->theme . DS . 'plugins' . DS . $plugin . DS;
$themePaths[] = $paths[$i] . 'themed'. DS . $this->theme . DS;
- }
+ } elseif ($plugin && strpos($paths[$i], DS . 'plugins' . DS . $plugin . DS . 'views') !== false) {
+ $themePaths[] = $paths[$i] . 'themed' . DS . $this->theme . DS;
+ }
$paths = array_merge($themePaths, $paths);
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