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1.3 #186

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siran commented Sep 5, 2011

ticket #1967


lorenzo commented on e1960d1 Jul 29, 2011

Well, there is a reason for using truncate and it's that it will also reset the associated sequences. I wonder if this broke some tests internally in the core


markstory replied Jul 29, 2011

Interesting, the ticket was complaining that using truncate wasn't working with constraints. http://cakephp.lighthouseapp.com/projects/42648/tickets/1838 I didn't see any new failing tests related to sequences though.

markstory and others added some commits Jul 30, 2011


markstory commented on 392102b Aug 10, 2011

Nicely done :)


ADmad replied Aug 10, 2011

Thanks. I don't know whether it was divine intervention or just plain luck that i was able to patch this, cause I still have no idea how the whole logic works :)

martin-ueding and others added some commits Aug 13, 2011

@martin-ueding martin-ueding prepared utf8 database connection option 00a77b4
@ADmad ADmad Merge pull request #176 from martin-ueding/1.3
Added commented "encoding" => "utf8" to default db config
@ADmad ADmad Fixed bug in Validation::date(). Closes #1908 68c4b66
@markstory markstory Adding Cache disabling to bake tasks and parent bakeshell.
Fixes #1889
@markstory markstory Fixing failing tests. 8dcb7fd
@markstory Matt Alexander + markstory Add Tibetan locales f9ff4e1
@markstory markstory Switching FixtureTask to use var_export() instead of custom
escaping code.
Fixes issues with quotes in text.
Fixes #1922
@markstory markstory Removing PHP5.2.6 only mode value, and replacing it with PHP4 & 5 com…

@markstory markstory Fixing Accept header parsing so content types with leading/trailing s…

are treated as spaceless.
Fixes #1684
@markstory markstory Adding a test and fixing issues where q value had whitespace as well.
Refs #1684
Jelle Henkens Fixing issue where the time helper sets the wrong timezone part in RS…
…S dates
@markstory markstory Fixing how error handlers are registered when debug levels
are toggled mid request.  Previously Debugger would stay
as the active error handler even after changing debug to 0.
Now, either CakeLog or Debugger will be assigned as the error handler
depending on the debug level.
Fixes #1941
@markstory markstory Removing getTests() and fixing failing test in accidentaly skipped te…
@markstory markstory Adding cafe to the list of irregular plurals. Seems that its
french origins befuddle normal english pluralization rules.
Fixes #1930
@markstory markstory Fixing file deletion issue in windows
where unlink() cannot delete files that have open
file handles.
Fixes #376
@markstory markstory Adding missing import in EmailComponent.
Fixes #1948
@markstory markstory Fixing issue with boolean columns not correctly inserting
data in MySQL.
Fixes #1922
@markstory markstory Removing database names that are no longer supported. 0c97df1
@markstory markstory Fixing comment about Asset.timestamp to be accurate to the behavior.
Refs #1959
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #182 from jellehenkens/1.3
Fixes #1938 - toRSS() generates the wrong timezone when using userOffset.
Jelle Henkens Fixing bug where scientific notations were not passed to mysql in the…
…ir original form which resulted in loss of precision
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #185 from jellehenkens/scientific-notation
Patch for ticket #1965 - Scientific notation in queries

markstory commented Sep 6, 2011

Pull requests don't ever get merged into master. Could you make your pull request target the 1.3 branch? Also there is a number of noisy commits, which is the actual change?


siran commented Sep 6, 2011

I think I did as you asked... I'm not really sure though how are pull
requests done !

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 8:50 PM, markstory <

Pull requests don't ever get merged into master. Could you make your pull
request target the 1.3 branch? Also there is a number of noisy commits,
which is the actual change?

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#186 (comment)


markstory commented Sep 9, 2011

Seems like this pull request has been replaced by #188


siran commented Sep 9, 2011

it is the same commit (or set of changes), I did it again

On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 10:02 PM, Mark Story <

Seems like this pull request has been replaced by #188

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#186 (comment)


markstory commented Sep 18, 2011

#188 is close, closing this request as well.

@markstory markstory closed this Sep 18, 2011

This fix, that seems to be good for scientific notation, actually spoiled my non-scientific floats...

If I want to store a number like 6117.2830435934, CakePHP actually rounds it off without considering the schema. That's bad. But at least before, with %F, the loss of precision was not so dramatic, as it chopped it to 6117.283044, that was good enough for my FLOAT(11,4) precision in the database.

But now, when using %G, it actually writes 6117.28, with an enormous loss of precision!

So it is a bad fix for my case, and I had to revert it after the last upgrade to 1.3.12, as my tests started to fail. Maybe everyone would be happy if you used %E instead...

Compare these outputs (in PHP 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.9):

sprintf("%F", 123456.2345678901) -> 123456.234568
sprintf("%G", 123456.2345678901) -> 123456
sprintf("%E", 123456.2345678901) -> 1.234562E+5

sprintf("%F", 1234567.2345678901) > 1234567.234568
sprintf("%E", 1234567.2345678901) -> 1.234567E+6
sprintf("%G", 1234567.2345678901) -> 1.23457E+6

If CakePHP is not going to look at the schema to find out the desired precision, then this sprintf should use by default the maximum precision possible. (?)

I wanted to report a bug, but lighthouseapp is down: http://twitter.com/#!/lighthouseapp/status/121591724710707201 I'm writing this here temporarily, to keep the information somewhere.

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