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challet commented Nov 8, 2011

I made this changes to avoid design errors when using a custom Datadsource (in my case forCouchDB) which doesn't have and doesn't need sources neither a schema :

When the Model::setSource method is called there is a test :

if (method_exists($db, 'listSources')) {
    $sources = $db->listSources();
    // check that $tableName is a source
    // reset the $this->_schema

In my case the CouchdbDatasource shouldn't have this listSources method, but it actually has it through the Datasource inheritence.

By looking at it, I saw its purpose is to cache results from "child calls", but it can't be used as replacement.
This is why I think inheritence is not the best choice here, and I renamed it.
Calls from Core Datasource have also been changed accordingly.
Unfortunately I'm aware it might affect other custom Datasources. So maybe it should go to a major release (?)

Note : The main reason to not implement CouchdbDatasource::listSources is because the previous Model::setSource reset the _Model::schema to null when listSources exists.
Which I don't want since CouchDb doesn't have any internal schema.
In order to stick to the Model mechanism (especially at save), the $_schema is defined into each specific model definition.

@markstory markstory commented on the diff Nov 8, 2011

@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ class DataSource extends Object {
* @param mixed $data
* @return array Array of sources available in this datasource.
- public function listSources($data = null) {
+ public function cachedListSources($data = null) {

markstory Nov 8, 2011


This is an API breaking change, it cannot be merged in.


markstory commented Nov 8, 2011

The next time this change could be merged in would be 3.0, which is a ways off.


challet commented Nov 8, 2011

If you agree on that change, you may want to keep it until then.
Despite the reason why I did it, I think it's more consistent with the Model::setSource test I told before.

For my part, I'll maintain my own fork to have it. This is the only way I've found to use a schema-less Datasource.
I also heard about a MongoDB Datasource, which may have the same feature to deal with. I'll take a look at it and try to find something better for my specific case.


Ivoz commented Nov 14, 2011

@challet - an officially supported couchedb datasource can be found here

Maybe you can take some inspiration from that :)


challet commented Nov 14, 2011

thanks @Ivoz, I wasn't aware of it ! and i'll definitely take a look at it !

It may occur that I'll pull request on top of it :p


challet commented Mar 29, 2012

deprecated request

challet closed this Mar 29, 2012

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