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FormHelper: Allow a boolean value for the disabled attribute in function radio #321

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ingk commented Nov 17, 2011

To disable options in a radio button list you can set an array with keys, but it's not possible to set disabled => true to disable all values. In CakePHP 1.x this behavior was present.

markomarkovic and others added some commits Nov 4, 2011

@markomarkovic markomarkovic Fixed inconsistent debug parameters and empty '(line )' 73429b3
@markomarkovic markomarkovic Updated tests for debug() c7363bb
@markomarkovic markomarkovic Updated test for debug
It now detects being called from CLI
@markstory markstory Fix more strict errors.
Fix strict errors in test files.
Remove a test in CakeEmail as array -> string causes a notice
in PHP 5.4
@shama shama Add missing @link to docs if available to helpers 4e8239a
@ADmad ADmad Merge pull request #316 from shama/2.0
Added missing @link to docs for helpers
@shama shama Add @link to File and Folder utilities 3248e34
@shama shama Add test cases to include $exceptions with Folder::chmod() d725869
@renan renan Merge pull request #317 from shama/2.0
Add @link to File and Folder utilities
@ceeram ceeram adding testcase for saving habtm associations with no primary model d…
…ata set
@ceeram ceeram Merge branch '2.0' of github.com:cakephp/cakephp into 2.0 bc5b6f7
@shama shama Update to assertEquals on Folder tests 1ebaaf4
@ceeram ceeram adding sort on testresults, to avoid incorrect order returned by MySQL 9fd0430
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #318 from shama/folder-test
Add test cases to include $exceptions with Folder::chmod()
@markstory markstory Fix ambiguous content types in RequestHandler.
Treat xhtml + html as content types that should trigger no
response/extension setting.  They are different but similar in
that they both generally use the same HTML templates.

Fixes #2257
@ceeram @markstory ceeram Removing _Token from request data.
It is not used outside the component and could possibly affect Model::save().
Fixes #2256

Signed-off-by: mark_story <mark@mark-story.com>
@ADmad ADmad Fixing TMP cleanup code in FolderTest 8450b8b
@ceeram ceeram Fix tests which might fail due to unexpected order on finds 025133d
@ceeram ceeram Fix failing test, moving timestamp define before the save to ensure i…
…t cannot be off by a second
@ceeram ceeram Add sorting on joined model virtual field, fixes #2250 e5c8a44
@markstory markstory Add CakeRequest::__isset()
Fixes #2266
@markstory markstory Add stricter validation to TestTask.
Empty classnames, and classnames without the correct type suffix
are no longer accepted.  They did the wrong thing anyways.

Fixes #2267
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #297 from markomarkovic/73429b357f06cd76f35d81482d…

Fixed inconsistent debug parameters and empty '(line )'
@shama @markstory shama Replacing test case compatibility functions 98f03dc
@shama @markstory shama Test case compatibility assertIsA() to assertInstanceOf() c97dca1
@shama @markstory shama Test case compatibility skipUnless() to markTestSkipped() 99793fd
@markstory markstory Removing extra new lines.
Removing extra new lines and duplicated tests.
@markstory markstory Update comment. 92aea9d
@ceeram ceeram Add back missing .sql files, related to pull request 132 on docs repo b380b5e
@ceeram ceeram use old timestamp variable, to ensure test to pass 0f299a1
@ingk ingk Allow a boolean value for the disabled attribute in function radio. S…
…ame behavior like in CakePHP 1.3

AD7six commented Nov 17, 2011

Please change the target branch to be 2.0 if it's a bug fix or 2.1 if it's an enhancment.

@ingk ingk closed this Nov 17, 2011

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