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Shadow6363 commented Jan 25, 2012

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vitorpacheco and others added some commits Nov 5, 2011

Changed order of controller var merging
From AppController -> PluginAppController to
PluginAppConroller -> AppController

Fixes #2420

Signed-off-by: mark_story <>
Merge pull request #387 from shama/patch-text-truncate
Prevent TextHelper::truncate() from breaking HTML
Merge pull request #390 from shama/patch-app-doc-type
Fix types in docblocks in App class
Return 0 if there is no result.
The documented return is an integer.  Stick to that.
Fixes #2430
Fix null bytea columns.
Apply patch from 'opiazer'  Fixes #2432
Remove duplicate methods.
Fix regression where #1345 was re-introduced.
Fixes #2434
Several shared hosts have issues with SCRIPT_NAME having an incorrect value.
Revert back to using PHP_SELF like in 1.3.

Fixes #2437
Fixes #2334
Fixes #2268
Merge pull request #395 from sime/2.0
schema update fails on -f flag
Add skip for test that fails on SQLServer.
SQLServer doesn't support LIMIT, skip the test as its tested
in Jenkins all the time.
Fix failing test on windows
File permissions do not work the same on windows, skip the test.
Update Configure::load() to use Set::merge()
This Fixes some of the awkward behavior that using
array_merge_recursive() could create.

Fixes #2441
Fix illegal offset caused by TranslateBehavior.
If you load TranslateBehavior at runtime in a disabled state, the enabled
flag would be interpreted as an association and cause errors.

Fixes #2443
Fix issue with find(count) and translated conditions.
Because count queries did not have joins created for the translated
fields pagination would generate invalid queries. Checking the conditions
for translated fields and adding in the correct joins solves that.
Extract what would have been duplicated code into methods.

Add a few protected properties to keep method signatures sane. The code
could be even simpler if the existing find(count) join was removed.

Fixes #2349
Ensure the class has a constructor
if there is no constructor (this means a model which does not inherit
from Model) newInstance will throw an exception.
Add additional empty() for tablePrefix.
Fixes compatibility issues with plugins that worked correctly in
previous point releases.

Fixes #2462
Return length 36 for uuid columns in Postgres.describe()
When describing a Postgres native "uuid" column, the length 36 should be
returned so that will be able to correctly set $isUUID as
"true" on that column.

Fixes #2467
Fixed wrong boundary marker for inline-files, inline-files should sta…
…rt new rel-boundaries, not (outer-)mixed-boundaries.

Amavis spits out this error:
X-Amavis-Alert: BAD HEADER MIME error: error: unexpected end of parts before epilogue
Fix boundaries used in multi-part messages.
Inline attachments should use the multipart/related boundary.  Otherwise
sections will be incorrectly nested.

Fixes #2413
Update UpgradeShell for App classes.
Correctly move AppController and AppModel.
Fixes #2472
Merge pull request #403 from rintaun/patch-2
$action in AclShell::_getParams() should default to '*', not NULL
Merge pull request #406 from josegonzalez/patch-1
Properly set the current action on CakeRequest when invoking Controller::setAction()
Merge pull request #407 from josegonzalez/patch-1
Missing TestCase for Controller::setAction()
Merge pull request #409 from josegonzalez/patch-1
Fixed broken testcase for Controller::setAction()
Merge pull request #413 from bfanger/2.0
Fixes the MethodNotAllowed when deleting with scaffolding
Fix prefix = false in connect()
Connecting routes with a prefix = false created an un-matchable route.
Ignore falsey prefix values when setting up prefixes.

Fixes #2479
Merge pull request #298 from vitorpc/2.0
Property 'name' removed of PagesController.
Merge pull request #411 from fitorec/2.0
Check the logic in the Shell::in($prompt, $options = null, $default = null)
Test case and Fix for: Number::currency() issue
Fixes currency() for custom formats and numbers between -1 and 1.

Fixes #2489


Merge pull request #424 from stefanozoffoli/patch-2
Prevent blackhole auth error where are present multi fields
Merge changes from 1.3 to 2.0
Merge changes from #GH284 from 1.3 to 2.0.
Model::validate() no longer does queries when its not
Merge changes from hmic/CakeEmail-2.0
Adds parameters for file attachments instead of having
boundary prefixes in multiple places.

Fixes #GH433
Set encoding in CSS file.
Signed-off-by: mark_story <>
Merge pull request #440 from shama/patch-html-doc
Remove incorrect parameter in HtmlHelper::script docblock example

markstory commented Jan 25, 2012

I think your fork is out of date. Try rebasing your commit.

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