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markstory and others added some commits Dec 29, 2011
@markstory markstory Fix issue with scripts_for_layout compatibility. 9cdf804
@tigrang tigrang Changed order of controller var merging
From AppController -> PluginAppController to
PluginAppConroller -> AppController

Fixes #2420

Signed-off-by: mark_story <mark@mark-story.com>
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1
@markstory markstory Fix version config. ff29b19
@markstory markstory Fix string offset error in PHP 5.4 ed43c68
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #387 from shama/patch-text-truncate
Prevent TextHelper::truncate() from breaking HTML
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1 3478f8a
@markstory markstory Fix issue with rendering elements inside blocks.
Fixes exceptions being raised when you tried to render
elements inside blocks.  Instead compare the number of open blocks.
This should not change before/after rendering a view.
@markstory markstory Adding docs + exceptions for name translation.
Closes #2367
@markstory markstory Should have been association name, not field name. c3e9a93
@shama shama Fix types in docblocks in App class 8b9770d
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #390 from shama/patch-app-doc-type
Fix types in docblocks in App class
@markstory markstory Add Windows Phone OS to mobile browser list.
Fixes #2428
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1
@markstory markstory I'm an idiot. Fix the parse error. 997aa8a
@vesln vesln Adding resourceMap accessor 8864805
@vesln vesln Adding resourceMap accessor test 3eea2e2
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #392 from vesln/resource-map
Resource map
@markstory markstory Adding error to find(threaded).
When the model has no parent_id trigger a warning about the impending
failure and return an empty result.

Fixes #2341
CakePHP member

Wouldn it be better to check for parent_id in schema in the before part, instead of doing this check within the foreach loop of results?

CakePHP member

Would be nice if you could also define the parent field.
There is a chance to do it automatically, by checking belongsTo relationships using the same model, but its not 100%.

Having a parent_field key would solve it, eg:

$thread = $Apple->find('threaded', array('parent_field' => 'thread_id'));
CakePHP member

I believe there's already an enhancement ticket to allow specifying the parent field, so this is a good idea.

CakePHP member

I think being able to provide a custom parent_id field makes sense, we should still trigger an error if someone asks for a field that doesn't exist. As for the isset() in the loop, it could probably be moved out and done once for sure. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.

CakePHP member

Why don't we move this logic to a new function that isn't burried in an "after" find method. E.g. Set::thread ?

CakePHP member

@markstory as pointed out by @AD7six in irc, the isset() is needed within the loop for schemaless dbs not returning the key if no value is present.
So i think we can leave that as it was.

markstory and others added some commits Jan 2, 2012
@markstory markstory Return 0 if there is no result.
The documented return is an integer.  Stick to that.
Fixes #2430
@markstory markstory Fix null bytea columns.
Apply patch from 'opiazer'  Fixes #2432
@markstory markstory Remove duplicate methods.
Fix regression where #1345 was re-introduced.
Fixes #2434
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1 9562638
@majna majna Fix incorrect doc block in CakeSession. ba02cf7
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #393 from majna/2.0-sess-doc
Fix incorrect doc block in CakeSession.
@majna majna Remove unused property CakeSession::$security. 75b4e7d
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #394 from majna/2.0-sess-doc
Remove unused property CakeSession::$security.
@markstory markstory Changing SCRIPT_NAME to PHP_SELF
Several shared hosts have issues with SCRIPT_NAME having an incorrect value.
Revert back to using PHP_SELF like in 1.3.

Fixes #2437
Fixes #2334
Fixes #2268
@sime sime schema update fails with -f flag, although it's supported. adc6846
@renan renan Merge pull request #395 from sime/2.0
schema update fails on -f flag
@majna majna Fix dispatching event when event key name is used. 8ad989c
@renan renan Merge pull request #396 from majna/2.1-event
2.1 event
@lorenzo lorenzo Removing 1.3 Backwards compatible code to load underscored files. Now…
… you can App::build('Locale') instead of 'locales'
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge branch '2.1' of github.com:cakephp/cakephp into 2.1 7c0297a
@markstory markstory Fix singularization of 'foes'
Fixes #2424
@markstory markstory Add skip for test that fails on SQLServer.
SQLServer doesn't support LIMIT, skip the test as its tested
in Jenkins all the time.
@markstory markstory Fix failing tests with SQLServer. d69c3f3
@markstory markstory Fix failing test on windows
File permissions do not work the same on windows, skip the test.
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1 15c7493
@markstory markstory Add missing else for non SQLServer db's. 9a7e69d
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1 de7921a
@lorenzo lorenzo Fixing a couple failing tests on windows using sqlserver cd562f5
@lorenzo lorenzo Explicitly using a fetch mode in SQLServer, not doing it causes serio…
…us memory leaks
@lorenzo lorenzo Fixing windows failing test case on the debug function abb370f
@lorenzo lorenzo Fixing a few SqlServer failing tests 0c6271d
@lorenzo lorenzo Removing test that does not relate anymore to SqlServer datasource 1991430
@markstory markstory Update Configure::load() to use Set::merge()
This fixes some of the awkward behavior that using
array_merge_recursive() could create.

Fixes #2441
@markstory markstory Fix illegal offset caused by TranslateBehavior.
If you load TranslateBehavior at runtime in a disabled state, the enabled
flag would be interpreted as an association and cause errors.

Fixes #2443
@lorenzo lorenzo Ensuring the javascript provider class is loaded before checking meth…
…od on it
@lorenzo lorenzo Using an explicit fetch mode in all calls to PDOStatement::fetch, thi…
…s also reduces the memory usage
@lorenzo lorenzo Extracting the CakeSessionHandlerInterface into its own file 399c293
@lorenzo lorenzo Initializing CakeSession class only when required, mixing procedural …
…code with class definitions is not good
@lorenzo lorenzo Making sure the Validation class exists before checking methods on it 67d18b0
@lorenzo lorenzo Adding a replacement for zend_thread_id() to use within hiphop 44dd250
@lorenzo lorenzo Wrapping highlight_string into a helper function as hphp does not imp…
…lemnet this function
@markstory markstory Add dist/ and build/ to gitignore. 6c35469
@markstory markstory Adding phing build.xml 864cb39
@markstory markstory Add next-version task. 41bbc02
@markstory markstory Update version number to 2.1.0-alpha 6361500
@markstory markstory Adding task to cut a release tag and push it. ce80a78
@markstory markstory Add distribute task.
Once the pear channel is setup, this will publish tar
files to the pear channel.
@markstory markstory Revert version number change.
Add trim to fix cli display.
@markstory markstory Update core cake.php to match other versions.
This makes the pear package install play nice as well.
@markstory markstory Remove un-used property. 65a6fae
@markstory markstory Add help and docs. baaa2e6
@markstory markstory Update build definition. af5fe31
@markstory markstory distribute target works ca99ebf
@markstory markstory Add other core members. 2aa6822
@markstory markstory Fix a few problems with the build.xml
- Fix condition checking. Phing was barfing on the old 'code'
- Packages would always be made for the previous release.  Fix that.
- Check return codes so we don't blunder ahead when things go wrong.
- Put in invalid data so accidents don't happen.
@markstory markstory Add more verbose output to the various commands. 90423dc
@markstory markstory Remove incorrect constant. 79564fb
@markstory markstory Fix failing test. 9a67a70
@lorenzo lorenzo More explicit fetch mode in Mysql datasource 850dbb9
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge branch '2.1-hiphop' into 2.1 c029316
@markstory markstory Fix issue with find(count) and translated conditions.
Because count queries did not have joins created for the translated
fields pagination would generate invalid queries. Checking the conditions
for translated fields and adding in the correct joins solves that.
Extract what would have been duplicated code into methods.

Add a few protected properties to keep method signatures sane. The code
could be even simpler if the existing find(count) join was removed.

Fixes #2349
@markstory markstory Fix error with more case-sensitive databases. 3c48552
@markstory markstory Fix errors generated when option['order'] is undefined.
Fixes #2447
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1
@markstory markstory Fix failing test in App. 1bc4562
@markstory markstory Update version number to 2.1.0-alpha 1ffde95
@ADmad ADmad Refactoring I18n class to expose public methods to read .po, .mo and …
…locale definition files.
@ADmad ADmad Replacing hardcoded default domain with static property I18n::$defaul…
@ADmad ADmad Adding $language parameter to I18n::translate() 30522d0
@ADmad ADmad Adding / updating I18n class test cases. 0be71a0
@AD7six AD7six Ensure the class has a constructor
if there is no constructor (this means a model which does not inherit
from Model) newInstance will throw an exception.
@AD7six AD7six Ensure the class has a constructor
if there is no constructor (this means a model which does not inherit
from Model) newInstance will throw an exception.


@AD7six AD7six move find threaded logic to the set class 7b640b8
@AD7six AD7six move the paths used into options 442d889
@AD7six AD7six allow set nest to work with any-d arrays
not just model-formatted arrays
@markstory markstory Add iPad to the list of mobile clients.
Fixes #2452
@markstory markstory Fix incorrect `__isset()`.
There was a missing $ before name.  Fixes issues
with dynamic properties not being handled correctly.

Fixes #2450
@AD7six AD7six reduce code repetition d534013
@AD7six AD7six add tests for set nest method 3b1dd82
@AD7six AD7six add a test for what happens when you nest on a field that doesn't exist d5fdf45
@AD7six AD7six whitespace a62c535
@AD7six AD7six documentation clarification 941d503
@markstory markstory Move check out of the loop, and allow nulls.
Refs #2341
@markstory markstory Make allow(null) and deny(null) consistent with no args.
No arguments and a single null should be handled the same.

Fixes #2461
@markstory markstory Add additional empty() for tablePrefix.
Fixes compatibility issues with plugins that worked correctly in
previous point releases.

Fixes #2462
markstory and others added some commits Jan 17, 2012
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #298 from vitorpc/2.0
Property 'name' removed of PagesController.
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #411 from fitorec/2.0
Check the logic in the Shell::in($prompt, $options = null, $default = null)
@markstory markstory Simplify how options are checked. 5e495ad
@CauanCabral CauanCabral Change fullPath option to fullBase in HtmlHelper::image for consistency
Updated test cases for that.
Included doc block about that option.
@AD7six AD7six allow specifying an explicit root f1f1ce0
@scottharwell scottharwell Added check for NOT in key when array count === 1 to prevent SQL error e1738c8
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #422 from scottharwell/2.1
Fixing possible SQL error when using 'field NOT' => array(1)
@lorenzo lorenzo Adding protocol() method to CakeResponse to be able to change it on t…
…he fly
@lorenzo lorenzo Adding length() method to CakeResponse as a shortcut for Content-Leng…
…th. If you wish to force not Content-Length use length(false)
@lorenzo lorenzo Saving a few bytes by unsetting the content if the response status co…
…de is 204 (No Content) or 304 (Not Modified)
@lorenzo lorenzo Not appending the charset information for content types that are not …
…text/* in CakeResponse
@lorenzo lorenzo Adding expires() to CakeResponse to help adding expiration dates to t…
…he http response cache directives
@lorenzo lorenzo Implementing the modified() method in CakeResponse to have an easier …
…way of setting the modification time
@lorenzo lorenzo Implementing sharable() and maxAge() in CakeResponse for a finer grai…
…n and easier control of cache headers
@lorenzo lorenzo Adding test case for maxAge() 2428e83
@lorenzo lorenzo Removing Pragma headers, implementing sharedMaxAge in CakeResponse 552c70a
@lorenzo lorenzo Implementing mustRevaidate() 3240f62
@lorenzo lorenzo Adding CakeResponse::vary() 803d49c
@lorenzo lorenzo Implementing the CakeResponse::etag() dbd097d
@lorenzo lorenzo Implementing CakeResponse::notModified() 8e979cc
@lorenzo lorenzo Implementing RequestHandler::checkNotModified() as a helper for HTTP …
@lorenzo lorenzo fixing doc comment identation a7662eb
@lorenzo lorenzo Fixing typo in docblock 6839f0c
@lorenzo lorenzo Moving checkModified() to CakeResponse, having it in the RequestHandl…
…er has too restrivtive
@lorenzo lorenzo Making it possible to cancel the render() process from any beforeRend…
…er listener
@lorenzo lorenzo Fixing a couple bugs in CakeResponse::checkNotModified() and implemen…
…ting conditional rendering in

@lorenzo lorenzo Fixing some failing test cases 769a5c2
@AD7six AD7six Merge branch 'feature/set-nest' into 2.1
@AD7six AD7six Merge branch '2.1' of github.com:cakephp/cakephp into 2.1 b62d972
@stefanozoffoli stefanozoffoli Prevent blackhole auth error where are present multi fields c3b806c
@ADmad ADmad Removed constant available only in php 5.3 and changed exception type…
… to fix errors on php 5.2. Fixes #2487
@ceeram ceeram allow other parent field, set in find options or TreeHebavior, for th…
…readed find. Fixes #1769
@ADmad ADmad Removed constant available only in php 5.3 and changed exception type…
… to fix errors on php 5.2. Fixes #2487
@wnasich wnasich Test case and Fix for: Number::currency() issue
Fixes currency() for custom formats and numbers between -1 and 1.

Fixes #2489


@markstory markstory Update Model::saveAssociated() documentation
Fixes #2492
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #424 from stefanozoffoli/patch-2
Prevent blackhole auth error where are present multi fields
@markstory markstory Reformat long line. ad304e0
@markstory markstory Adding test for #GH424 1693478
@lorenzo lorenzo Not sending the response in beforeRender, better let Dispatcher do it…
…s work
@lorenzo lorenzo Readability changes 00a5510
@markstory markstory Add test for Validation::url() + sftp. 69a69d4
@mattpotts mattpotts added sftp to url() 1c64515
@markstory markstory Merge changes from 1.3 to 2.0
Merge changes from #GH284 from 1.3 to 2.0.
Model::validate() no longer does queries when its not
@ceeram ceeram set correct default validate option, now matches saveAll/saveMany def…
…ault value, fixes #2492
@markstory markstory Merge changes from hmic/CakeEmail-2.0
Adds parameters for file attachments instead of having
boundary prefixes in multiple places.

Fixes #GH433
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1
@markstory markstory Add note about PHP's include_path.
Refs #2497
@markstory markstory Add validation guess for not null + text types.
Fixes #2493
@lorenzo lorenzo Preventing datasource creationa and access on models having $useTable…
… = false;
@lorenzo lorenzo Logging transaction commands in DboSource, fixes #2457 37314a2
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge branch '2.1' of github.com:cakephp/cakephp into 2.1 1884cd1
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge branch '2.1-http' into 2.1 a1daaf5
@yandod yandod Set encoding in CSS file.
Signed-off-by: mark_story <mark@mark-story.com>
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.0' into 2.1 b9ad469
@josegonzalez josegonzalez Merging ThemeView and View class
In 2.1, the ThemeView is merely a small wrapper around View with extra paths set. Merging these two classes means there is one less property for developers to set to enable themes in their applications.
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #437 from josegonzalez/2.1-theme-view
2.1 theme view
@lorenzo lorenzo Avoiding class name conflicts 9d0a67d
@predominant predominant Added default prefix to cache configurations. 64d4387
@predominant predominant Merge pull request #438 from predominant/2.1
Prefix for cache configuration
@lorenzo lorenzo Update version number to 2.1.0-beta 62b203f
@ceeram ceeram Merge branch '2.1-appshell' into 2.1 4f1be12
@shama shama Remove incorrect parameter in HtmlHelper::script docblock example
Fixes #76
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #440 from shama/patch-html-doc
Remove incorrect parameter in HtmlHelper::script docblock example
@markstory markstory Fix issues with sparse arrays in ThemeView.
Fixes #2500
@ceeram ceeram include theme in _passedVars array 95aa7e3
@AD7six AD7six throw an exception if the view you try to extend doesn't exist
or element, or layout
@AD7six AD7six Merge branch '2.1' of github.com:cakephp/cakephp into 2.1 11ed1e6
@markstory markstory Fix indentation. b8e27c7
@markstory markstory Add test for saveField() + foreign key.
Closes #2507
@markstory markstory Fix re-numbering of values in exportVar()
Using array_merge resulted in values being re-indexed,
change how arrays are combined to preserve keys.

Fixes #2506
@markstory markstory Add methods to CakeTestCase
Add assertTextEquals, and assertTextNotEquals for doing
platform independant text comparisons.

Refs #2148
@markstory markstory Fix tests that fail on windows.
Refs #2148
@ceeram ceeram update book link 6d69ec3
@AD7six AD7six Make extending a missing element throw an exception
A layout extending a missing layout throws a missing-layout exception
A view extendinga missing view throws a missing-view exception
Now, an element extending a missing element throws a logic exception

in addition "absolute" paths can be used such that (using elements as an

$this->extend('foo') - extends View/Elements/foo.ctp
$this->extend('/foo') - extends View/foo.ctp

Closes #2504
@markstory markstory Wrap aliases containing , in ""
Fixes #2502
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #419 from radig/2.1
Fix HtmlHelper::link test and extend HtmlHelper::image (issue #2476)
@markstory markstory Update image() docs. 5b9d69f
@markstory markstory Fix failing test. 9089bba
@ADmad ADmad Updating minimum PHP version requirement to 5.2.8 due to PHP bugs #44…
…251 and #45748. Closes #2509
@ceeram ceeram Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1
@ceeram ceeram fix correct node lookup when authorize object uses plugin userModel s…
…etting, fixes #2464
@markstory markstory Merge branch '2.0' into 2.1 d904ab0
@markstory markstory Improving test generation.
Class construction can be a bit more complicated now.
@markstory markstory Add tests for previous commit. 3b9f880
@markstory markstory Fix wonky tabs. fb7717c
@markstory markstory Fix missing behavior constructor. 752711e
@slimus slimus fix shell help for incorrect user input 57e4751
@slimus slimus Update lib/Cake/Console/Shell.php 7c08e4b
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #447 from slimus/2.1
2.1 fix bake shell options
@majna majna Add option for 'current' class to PaginationHelper::numbers(). d7b0619
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #448 from majna/2.1-paging-current
Add option for 'current' class to PaginationHelper::numbers().
@markstory markstory Split Cache + CacheEngine into separate files.
Refs #2514
@markstory markstory Split I18nModel into a separate file.
Refs #2514
@markstory markstory Splitting ConfigReaderInterface out into a separate file.
Refs #2514
@markstory markstory Split the AclComponent classes up.
Refs #2514
@markstory markstory Remove odd inflection.
This additional inflection isn't needed.  People can type the classname
they want.

Refs #2514
@cdvrooman cdvrooman Minor typographical changes 0d795e2
@ADmad ADmad closed this Jan 29, 2012
CakePHP member

You have made the pull request against the master branch instead of 2.1 :)

CakePHP member

should this be replaced with: pear install cakephp/Phing_d51PearPkg2Task ?

CakePHP member

Yeah it should be, I'll update that.

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