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CakeRequest::here escape optimization #527

wants to merge 36 commits into from

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Fixed #2615

0x20h and others added some commits Jan 17, 2012
@0x20h 0x20h moved docblock on default cache configuration to bootstrap.php, left …
…a note in core.php
@0x20h 0x20h moved note about 'default' cache configuration to the APC config docb…
@0x20h 0x20h added 'mask' option hint to file cache docblock bc8feef
@0x20h 0x20h fixed typo 162b773
@ADmad ADmad Added test for deleting dependent hasMany associated records. Refs #2553 610213d
@0x20h 0x20h added a further note where to look for available cache implementation…
…s and their respective settings
@ADmad ADmad Merge pull request #416 from 0x20h/move-cache-docblock
Moved cache docblock from core.php to bootstrap.php
@krolow krolow Improve the extract to know when there is the same string inside one …

Fixes #2538
@markstory markstory Fix issues with duplicate msgid values.
Msgid values could be duplicated if the same string was used
for singular and pluralized translations.  Re-index how the data is
stored so duplicate singular detection per domain is easier.

Fixes #2538
@ADmad ADmad Made specifying 'extension' optional. Fixed bug where downloaded file…
… did not have extension when 'name' was specified. Fixes #2554
@markstory markstory Allow SqlServer to execute procs correctly.
Both SELECT and EXECUTE statements should go through
the parent method as they could fetch results.

Fixes #2558
CakePHP member

with a valley-girl accent? "Exec. u CUTE!"

CakePHP member


CakePHP member

Bloody hell, I'm a fool. Sorry about that.

CakePHP member

Un-derped in [9c1fa28]


markstory and others added some commits Feb 10, 2012
@markstory markstory Its EXECUTE not EXECUCUTE
Also make the search insensitive as casing bugs are no fun.
@ADmad ADmad Fixing docbloc and adding tests for FormHelper::tagIsInvalid(). Refs …
@shama shama Add missing options to NumberHelper docblocks 730ac10
@ADmad ADmad Merge pull request #474 from shama/patch-numberhelper
Add missing options to NumberHelper docblocks
@ADmad ADmad Added missing echos e1dba67
@markstory markstory Move alias wrapping into _formatAddress()
Fixes #2502
@markstory markstory Fix issues with double / & leading/trailing /
Authorize classes should remove // and leading trailing /
Without this incorrect paths that fail to match nodes can be
generated.  This also allows settings[actionPath] to be
permissive in what it accepts.

Fixes #2563
@markstory markstory Fix notice error when reading empty values.
When reading empty values a notice error would be triggered.
Slicing the first char off and comparing that solves this.

Fixes #2537
@markstory markstory Add ics mime type.
Fixes #2565
@markstory markstory Update API docs
View switching only happens for known mime types.
Refs #2565

just to make extra sure, probably better to preg_replace('#/+#', '/', $path)

CakePHP member

I don't know how you'd end up with 3 slashes though.

CakePHP member

I think this was changed by Ceeram not long ago to fix a bug in ACL, he made sure that there was a slash at the beginning of every path. What is the correct way?

CakePHP member

In the comments on lighthouse, I thought @ceeram mentioned that the leading slash was a problem. Ticket was

CakePHP member

i did not change this afaik, the leading slash indeed causes issues, i discussed that a while back already in irc, it is fine as it is now

me too @markstory. But I thought as $path is a parameter it would probably make sense to be a bit more fault-tolerant. But, of course, it's ok as it is.

markstory and others added some commits Feb 12, 2012
@markstory markstory Remove pointless comparison. ad09b91
@krolow krolow fixing regex of autoLinks to work with urls that have www 07adcfe
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #477 from krolow/ticket-2574
fixing regex of autoLinks to work with urls that have www
@markstory markstory Fix duplicate items in HABTM associations.
Apply patch from 'Kim Biesbjerg'.  Fixes issues where nested
HABTM associations would create duplicate content.

Fixes #2564
Fixes #1598
@markstory markstory Add failing tests for patches from 'teddyzeenny'. 2f51ef0
teddy urldecode custom route element values e6905b4
teddy urldecode $this->url before unsetting it from CakeRequest->query 0ea00c5
@markstory markstory Fix failing tests.
rawurlencode() and urlencode() handle utf8 differently.
@markstory markstory Update the Set::merge() documentation. 2ddc387
@markstory markstory Remove un-necessary Set::merge().
Using Set::merge() on an empty array causes issues with out of order
numeric keys. Only merge if necessary.

Fixes #2595
CakePHP member
ceeram commented on 89df484 Feb 22, 2012

git bisect shows this commit as introduding duplicate values when posting habtm data with input('Tag') on a Post form.

request->data['Tag']['Tag'] should be array(1, 2), but now shows array(1, 2, 1, 2) when selecting first 2 tags

CakePHP member



created a testcase for this, not sure how to solve it yet, need to look into that

CakePHP member

included a fix now as well

CakePHP member

I'm an idiot, I don't know how I missed that the first time around. I merged in your changes :D

CakePHP member

@markstory Your original commit was on 2.0 so perhaps the fix done by Ceeram for 2.1 should be backported to 2.0 too.

CakePHP member

It certainly should. I cherry-picked the changes in [836f913] and [6d3c659]

CakePHP member

commented in wrong place already i think

@markstory The branch had 4 commits in total for the tests and fix, i messed up with making tests
you only cherry-picked two of the commits in 2.0, causing a fail

CakePHP member

Thanks, I guess I'll find the other commits and merge those too.

CakePHP member
ceeram commented on 6d3c659 Feb 23, 2012

@markstory the branch which fixed the issue had 4 commits, you only merged 2 of them to 2.0 causing a fail

CakePHP member
lorenzo commented Feb 24, 2012

Please, do not send pull request agains out master branch, use an appropriate branch.

@lorenzo lorenzo closed this Feb 24, 2012

I tried, but could not pull request on 2.0 and 2.1 branch

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