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WTF??? it is indeed the worst

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Yeah assertEqual(42, '43') passes. Pretty ridiculous, I'm glad we're done with SimpleTest.

markstory and others added some commits Oct 22, 2011
@markstory markstory Fix incorrectly generated boundaries for multipart messages.
Fix issue where multipart boundaries would be a simple string.
Fixes #2144
@fiblan fiblan Fix missing prefix when reading table schema.
When using prefixes, table metadata would be lost.
Fixes #1522

Signed-off-by: mark_story <>
@markstory markstory Fix inflectino for words ending in media.
Fixes #2149
@ADmad ADmad Prevent unneeded afterFind callback triggering on associated models. …
…Fixes #2057
@markstory markstory Fix looping issue in Component loading.
Add failure condition to test suite.

Apple -> Orange -> Banana -> Apple is now the chain
in the testsuite.

Fixes #2168
@Phally Phally Added test for the 'on' key in validation rules. 175d148
@Phally Phally Optimized the validation processes when 'on' keys aren't used. 0141dad
@markstory markstory Reset user defined headers in reset()
This makes $headers consistent with other properties.
Fixes #2211
@Phally Phally Removed double loop. 0135534
@Phally Phally Merge branch '1.3' of git:// into 1.3-dbo-s…
@ceeram ceeram radio input no longer sets 0 values as checked when data isset as emp…
…ty string, fixes #2209
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #295 from Phally/1.3-dbo-source-optimization
1.3 dbo source optimization
@markstory markstory Adding forwards compatibility to CookieComponent.
This allows 1.3 and 2.0 applications to interoperate easily.
Fixes #2131
@markstory markstory Applying patch from 'Carlos Gant'
Removes un-necessary loop when deleting records with cascade = false.
Fixes #2050
@markstory markstory Fix default CSV content-type
Excel prefers text/csv for CSV files.
Fixes #2259
@markstory markstory Fix import in Sanitize.
Its previous form caused issues with userland plugins.
Fixes #2261
@markstory markstory Update error_reporting() level.
PHP5.4 includes E_STRICT in E_ALL error level,
CakePHP 1.3 isn't fully compatible with E_STRICT.
@markstory markstory Fix issue in TimeHelper with translated values.
LC_TIME files using unicode code points would incorrectly display.
Use either the Multibyte class or mbstring to correctly detect
and convert values.

Fixes #912
@markstory markstory Fix issue with CacheHelper and named parameters with '
Fixes #2291
@markstory markstory Fix protocol relative urls for CSS and JS files.
Protocol relative urls are generally not on the same host
don't try and run them through the asset filters.

Fixes #2285
@markstory markstory Fix incorrect alias/name usage.
Fixes #2317
@ceeram ceeram Fixing cascading delete, when using foreignKey false and setting cond…
…ition on hasOne
@ceeram ceeram adding back PHP4 compatibility, accidentally removed in previous commit 29618fc
@ceeram ceeram change since version to correct number ce49fab
@markstory markstory Fix missing directory in dispatcher with rewrite off.
When re-writing is disabled, and the deployment directory
contains either 'app' or 'webroot' the computed path was

Fixes #2330
@shin1x1 shin1x1 modified for PHP 5.4 and Builtin web server 9cbc301
@shin1x1 shin1x1 modified cake/console/templates/skel for Built-in web server 0a3791b
@markstory markstory Remove useless parameter in Set test.
Fixes #1824
@shama shama Fix TextHelper excerpt method to work as documented
Fixes #2339
@lorenzo lorenzo Merge pull request #351 from shin1x1/1.3
The patch for PHP5.4 and Built-in web server
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #358 from shama/1.3
Fix TextHelper excerpt method to work as documented
@ADmad ADmad Element cache filename now properly includes extra param names passed…
… along with 'cache' => true option. Fixes #2356
@ADmad ADmad Adding missing Model::create() when using Model::save() in a loop. Fi…
…xing some code formatting and updating api doc blocks. Fixes #848
@ADmad ADmad Added test case for TreeBehavior::recover(). Refs #2392 482e487
@markstory markstory Fix a number of errors with PHP 5.4 9950af8
@markstory markstory Update version to 1.3.14 5ac77c2

nice to see this hits master :)

markstory and others added some commits Jan 5, 2012
@markstory markstory Fix singularization of 'foes'
Fixes #2424
@markstory markstory Fix issue with find(count) and translated conditions.
Because count queries did not have joins created for the translated
fields pagination would generate invalid queries. Checking the conditions
for translated fields and adding in the correct joins solves that.
Extract what would have been duplicated code into methods.

Add a few protected properties to keep method signatures sane. The code
could be even simpler if the existing find(count) join was removed.

Fixes #2349
@markstory markstory Adding iPad and windows phone os as mobile clients.
Fixes #2452
@markstory markstory Fix missing check for COUNT(DISTINCT in DboMSSQL
Fixes #2470
@wnasich wnasich Test case and Fix for: Number::currency() issue for custom formats an… 38eb214
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #426 from wnasich/1.3
Fixes ticket #2489
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #284 from Phally/1.3-validation
Validation always does a count query

should test for !empty($string) or $string!="" first


should return an array if $ret is null, I think


This produces a notice if the cookie value is an empty string, I think this should be tested before the first string character. And also, the function should always return an array, not a string if $ret is null. Something like this:

    function __explode($string) {
        if (!empty($string[0]) && ($string[0] === '{' || $string[0] === '[') && function_exists('json_decode')) {
            $ret = json_decode($string, true);
            return ($ret != null) ? $ret : $string;
        $array = array();
        foreach (explode(',', $string) as $pair) {
            $key = explode('|', $pair);
            if (!isset($key[1])) {
                return $key[0];
            $array[$key[0]] = $key[1];
        return $array;
bar and others added some commits Jan 20, 2012
@bar bar Fix a bug introduced when generating partial compatibility between 1.3
and 2.0 Cookies, where an empty valued key caused a PHP notice. Also,
harden tests. Completes the fix for #2131.
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #435 from bar/cookie-2.0-compatibility
Cookie 2.0 compatibility
@markstory markstory Fix header stripping.
To/Bcc/Cc need to be prefixed with new lines to be a successful
injection.  Check for that instead of other letters.

Fixes #2484
@markstory markstory Fix reset() not affecting delivery.
Fixes #2533
@markstory markstory Make code in 1.3 the same as 2.0
Fixes #2561
@markstory markstory Fix duplicate items in HABTM associations.
Apply patch from 'Kim Biesbjerg'.  Fixes issues where nested
HABTM associations would create duplicate content.

Fixes #2564
Fixes #1598


@dkullmann dkullmann Added test for caching of SELECTS, but, not other statements which ha…
…ve the word "select" somewhere in them

Examples include:

INSERT INTO … VALUES … ('Great selection!')
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS selection_table

Signed-off-by: David Kullmann <>
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #492 from dkullmann/1.3-fix-cache-regex
1.3 fix cache regex
@vantienvnn vantienvnn Fixed #2591 76cfd39
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #513 from vantienvnn/1.3
Cookie component small optimization
@hiromi2424 hiromi2424 fixed except on error triggered. c19b233
@markstory markstory Merge pull request #556 from hiromi2424/1.3-fix-error-excerpt
1.3 fix error excerpt
@jrbasso jrbasso Updated copyright to 2012. d805b3a
@ceeram ceeram add .travis.yml file a6c2144
@markstory markstory Remove bogus test.
It was failing as the method handling was wonky.
@markstory markstory Update version numbers to 1.3.15
Fixes #2725
@rassar rassar ONe other word that's irregular plural d3c000e
CakePHP member

This looks like a mistake.

Please describe what a pull request is for when creating - and ensure it is agains the appropriate branch (2.2 is the only active development branch)

@AD7six AD7six closed this Apr 19, 2012
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