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Update PHPUnit install instructions #657

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Shorter and up to date PHPUnit install instructions per the docs.


I like it, but... what if PHPunit releases a version that is incompatible with the CakePHP version you have running. I would rather see these commands be added to the page and keep the other ones as well. Then explain how to install the newest version and howto install a version of PHPunit guaranteed to work. Just in case.


I don't think we should ever let that happen. Generally PHPUnit is pretty good about backwards compatibility. I'll probably start testing with 3.7 as soon as it goes into beta. I'm fine with the change as it is.


It happened with SimpleTest. Just saying. But sure, if you say it will be prevented in the future then I'm fine with it.


Yeah I think the situation with SimpleTest was different. We had already decided to leave simpletest, before 1.1 came out. There are no plans to leave phpunit any time soon.

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Commits on May 20, 2012
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8 lib/Cake/TestSuite/templates/phpunit.php
@@ -25,13 +25,11 @@
<p>PHPUnit can be installed with pear, using the pear installer.</p>
<p>To install with the PEAR installer run the following commands:</p>
- <li><code>pear channel-discover</code></li>
- <li><code>pear channel-discover</code></li>
- <li><code>pear channel-discover</code></li>
- <li><code>pear install phpunit/PHPUnit-3.6.4</code></li>
+ <li><code>pear config-set auto_discover 1</code></li>
+ <li><code>pear install</code></li>
<p>Once PHPUnit is installed make sure its located on PHP's <code>include_path</code> by checking your php.ini</p>
- <p>For full instructions on how to <a href="">install PHPUnit, see the PHPUnit installation guide</a>.</p>
+ <p>For full instructions on how to <a href="" target="_blank">install PHPUnit, see the PHPUnit installation guide</a>.</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Download PHPUnit</a></p>
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