2.3 findThreaded with fields should auto-include parent_id #893

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see http://cakephp.lighthouseapp.com/projects/42648/tickets/3267-make-tree-behavior-work-with-fields-array-in-options

the documentation should also be updated:

"If you pass fields as a string you always have to manually include the parent_id".

@ADmad ADmad and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Oct 9, 2012
@@ -108,8 +108,13 @@ public function afterSave(Model $Model, $created) {
* @return array
public function beforeFind(Model $Model, $query) {
- if ($Model->findQueryType == 'threaded' && !isset($query['parent'])) {
- $query['parent'] = $this->settings[$Model->alias]['parent'];
+ if ($Model->findQueryType == 'threaded') {
+ if (!isset($query['parent'])) {
+ $query['parent'] = $this->settings[$Model->alias]['parent'];
+ }
+ if (!empty($query['fields']) && !in_array($query['parent'], $query['fields'])) {
+ $query['fields'][] = $query['parent'];
ADmad Oct 9, 2012 Member

Does $query['parent'] have the field name prefixed with model alias? If not it should be prefixed.

dereuromark Oct 9, 2012 Member

it does not. we might also have to check on ModelAlias.field then.

ADmad Oct 9, 2012 Member

Does _findThreaded() itself work as expected if the results don't contain parent field? I think not. In that case the fix shouldn't be done in the TreeBehavior.


If people cannot include the proper fields their chances of getting the correct parent column are also low. I don't see why any of this beyond the documentation is really necessary.

This also omits the case where someone has included the quoted version of the parent field 😉

ADmad commented Oct 9, 2012

..and cases when someone specifies fields as string. Regardless this is a documentation issue, not a bug. We shouldn't add more "magic" to fix people's oversight.


if you all agree on not wanting this included I will stand down :) I always manually add my parent_id.

ADmad commented Oct 10, 2012

You can add the disclaimer in the manual and close the ticket :)


closing then in favor of the doc update

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